Are sweet flowers bandeaus truly sold out?

  1. I'm pretty new to LV, but I bought the blue one for myself. I want to try to find the pink one for my friend--should I call the toll-free LV # to double check? I checked eBay, but there's something in me that refuses to pay much over retail. Thanks for any help!

  2. i actually was wondering the same thing. I really want the sweet flowers bandeau in rouge (the red color) and the only one i see on eBay is $295 (more than double the retail, i think!) elux and is sold out of it, so i wonder if theyre sold out of all the stores too. anyone know? is it worth calling 866 and asking?
  3. I think you should call. I just saw the pink one last week in San Francisco Bloomingdales. Good luck!
  4. Will call...sweetneet, let me know if you come across the pink one and I'll gladly do the same for you with the red. Let the hunt begin :graucho:
  5. I remember someone posting on the board they had come across the blue one. Just call the 866 number and I'm sure you'll come across one. Good luck!
  6. I would just call and find out! Let us know too please!
  7. Have you also try Macy, NM & Saks? They all carry LV too but 1800 can't track their inventory, good luck! :flowers:
  8. :tup: Great point! Thanks for bringing this up. I never thought of this before but it makes sense now that I think about it. Dont know why it never occurred to me! More searching power is always a good thing!
  9. I'm confused--I know Saks carries LV, but had no idea that NM & Bloomies did, too. Are they in store only? I was in a NM recently & they did not carry LV (they did have an Hermes boutique, though :drool:). And Macy's? Our Macys here are awful!
  10. They're still available on the LV website France. That is: the bandana and the carré... Good luck everyone
  11. OK ladies, the saks 45 min. away from me had one....also pm'd you, sweetneet. In case anyone is interested, they also have a blue one left.
  12. Oh, I hope you find one... I love mine. I really want to find a blue one, though, for my Azur!!
  13. Surely there are still some around. Good luck!