Are Gucci Marmont bags more for millennials than "boomers"?

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  1. I am over here cracking up Sparkletastic ! This would be a perfect script for a sitcom... I am watching it in my head right now... and the possibilities of truly funny television from back in the day, like 'The Carol Burnett Show' comes to mind.
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  2. :lol:
  3. Gucci is a brand meant for all ages. From 17 to 87 truly. They are all about ageless, quirky, fashion.
  4. I strongly agree... I am somewhere in between the two. lol
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  5. I am 49 and carry a Gucci Marmont and my mom is 77 and carries one also. We both look fab! It truly works for everyone.
  6. When I see these types of posts I think about that lady of a very certain age that I saw around Paris with her Goyard tote custom painted in the tattered image of god save the queen by sex pistols and with punk studs. She looked awesome
  7. LV is usually my first choice but I’ve recently got my first Gucci Marmont and I’m 51. So long as you feel good wearing it I would say go for it.
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  8. Love it !!!! And she ROCK ! Punk Rock ! She remained true to her core... I bet she has some serious stories to tell... so she told them on her bag... it gives me ideas on what and how I am going to do my Goyard bag and luggage in my future purchase.
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  9. Of course we can!
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  10. I think it’s because the k-pop stars are usually fond of Gucci. I also see them more on millenials (I don’t have one!).

    Of course, everyone can wear the bag. :smile: Just Gucci is more “street” now due to k-pop, I guess.
  11. I am 45 year old, and think Gucci is more fashionable than Chanel or LV. I think it is for all age.
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