Are Gucci Marmont bags more for millennials than "boomers"?

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  1. I usually see Gucci Marmont bags on youngsters. Do think "boomers" can wear these bags?
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  2. Ageless bag.
  3. I’m 36 and I think that it looks adorable on me :smile:
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  4. Anyone can wear this bag!
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  5. I'm 34 and carry mine proudly. :smile:
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  6. I almost posted this question today butregardibg the disco bag! I’m approaching 40 and feel like many Gucci bags I should stay away from! I have classic LV and was pondering a Disco.
  7. I think the disco bag looks good at any age. It is a classic design in my opinion.
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  8. You are as young as you believe you are... and there is no age limit, or age appropriateness on wearing Luxury handbags... I do recommend getting the Gucci Marmont bag that stands out and will cost you more, but you will stand out from the heard and the ones that fake it until they can make it. The Wife and I was in NYC leaving a Broadway show and heading to dinner at Cipriani and saw the counterfeiters with it, SMH... I would be mortified if I am with my Wife, and I spent a lot of money on a bag for her, and we pass the bunch of bootlegger there selling the same looking bag in bundles.
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  9. I’m 50 and have 2 discos. Go for it.
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  10. You can definitely wear the Gucci Marmont. It is a classic flap bag with gold hardware, a timeless design. I find it even more chic when more mature people wear designer bags, I feel like it gives the bags more authority and sophistication. It’s your money and style, if you like the bag definitely get it :smile:
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  11. I’m Gen X (not a youngster) and I wear many styles of Gucci bags, from bamboo top handles to Dionysus, Disco and Marmont camera bag and flap styles. My Gucci bags are definitely not too young for me and any one of them would suit a ‘boomer’ IMHO.
  12. I am getting some good positive feedback about wearing the Marmont bag as a "boomer". I hope more folks respond.
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  13. You rock the bag
    Not the other way round
    Style has no limitations
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  14. I'm a Gen Xer but I have exactly zero plans to quit being fashionable even at 80. Both of my grandmothers were exceedingly fashionable and if I were to get all cat sweater-y or something I think they would zap me with a lightning bolt from heaven.
  15. Enjoy any bag and don't worry about it! Though I actually think bags with quilted or chevron patterns look better on more mature women. Makes me look forward to styles as I age :smile:
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