Are Gucci Marmont bags more for millennials than "boomers"?

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  1. I'm over 50 and just got my Disco a few months ago, and I love wearing it! And I don't feel odd at all doing so.
  2. Thanks for your opinions on this matter.
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    Honestly, it all depends on who's wearing the bag. I just turned 29, and even when the bag was first released, I felt "too old" for it. It looked too "juvenile" for my liking, ON ME, that is. The bags on their own are really nice bags, I see them on others who look amazing and wears them beautifully and with class, regardless of age.

    This applies to a number of styles from various brands, ofc, not only the Marmont. I guess it has to do with personal style/face/body. It doesn't match with my personality nor my looks.
  4. I am 50 and just bought a mini Marmont flap a month ago. Honestly, until I saw this thread it had not occurred to me that I may be too old for this bag. I don't really think there are age restrictions for bags (with the exception of obvious childrens bags, i.e. Tinkerbell, etc). If you like the bag don't let your age hold you back.
  5. Marmont's are for everyone who will enjoy them and love them! I'm nearly 50 and i've got Marmont bags, shoes and even the leather coat LOL.
  6. You Rock HermesFanKelly ! I own the Marmont shoes, about 5 pair... and leather belt accessory (belt pouch) and assorted belts at least 7... and Yes... I am a man of a certain
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  7. Marmont is ageless and timeless!
  8. I concur... Marmont is going to age as well as we do... and be forever current and desired... like us... one can only
  9. When I re-read my post I noticed that my whole thought with the post was kind of left out, so I just want to clarify that the point I tried to make out of all that blablabla was: How do YOU feel wearing it? That's what matters. Do you feel/think that it looks too "young"? Then it might not compliment your look, and you might not end up comfortable wearing it, and that will show.

    But if you think it looks great on you and you feel confident wearing it, that will shine through and you'll rock that bag better than any 22 year old out there ever will! :cool:
  10. Amen to that !
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  11. I’m 51 and my new favorite bag is a fuschia velvet Marmot that I got myself for Christmas. I LOVE IT
  12. and a very good get !
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  13. You cannot go wrong with a Disco. Best bag ever and is deceivingly roomy. Carrying mine today in color back. Good luck.
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  14. I am 56 and love the Marmont bag. Age ain’t nuthin but a number
  15. It’s a flap bag with a chain strap. If it’s too young for a boomer than a Chanel classic flap is also too young. And, I think most people think the C classic flap looks “old”.

    Honestly, unless a bag has a picture of Justin Bieber on it or has an embedded AARP card, how could it possibly be for a certain age group? I never understand how bags are assigned an age range. I just never see it so it puzzles me truly.