Are DVF dresses worth it?

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  1. I have come really, really close to purchasing several but I always wonder if they are worth the $345.00+ price tag. If you own one, how do they hold up over time? Do you think they are worth the price?
  2. If my mom were on here, she'd tell you "yes they hold up for a very long time, but they aren't worth the price tag." She gets most of her DVF dresses from consignment shops, T.J. Maxx, and dept store sales.
  3. I think they fit beautifully for my curvy figure and I find them to be worth the price, but to each their own! I do try to get them on sale myself though and have only bought a couple dresses full price.
  4. I personally have come really close to buying a couple b/c I think they look great, but even at Loehmann's prices I couldn't quite bring myself to do it.
  5. Not at full price--if you just sit tight for a few more weeks they always go on clearance. And, when they are on clearance, they are TOTALLY worth it! They are rather comfortable and really nice.
  6. What do you ladies think of this dress? It is called "The Eve" dress. It has a floral background with a snake around the neck. Is it gaudy? Regular price is 425.00, the BIN price on Ebay is 299.00.
  7. I really like them, but they seem to run big and don't flatter me. Ashame bc I really hoped they would fit
  8. I love them though I wouldn't recommend buying them at full price (except maybe the black Jeanne or something classic).
  9. To me they are worth it, although with the exception of maybe one, my entire DVF wrap dress collection consists of sale finds. :smile: I prefer to buy them at a discount, because why pay $345 when you can pay $200, etc.? :nuts: I usually buy mine at NM, Saks, Shopbop, etc. and stalk my favorite ones until they hit the sale. I love the outlet at Woodbury as well, and have found a few great ones there. :smile:
  10. ITA! Sometimes I get them on sale, but nevertheless, I think they are worth the price. Not all of them are equally flattering. They are all cut a bit differently and I have DVF dresses that are different sizes but still fit me. You need to try them on. I try to avoid the super trendy ones and pick something that I know I will wear for several years.
  11. I have a bunch of DVF dresses. I've bought them all on sale. They are worth the sale price but not full. I always hold out buying them because they get marked down pretty low. The sizes run so differently. I have from a size 2-12 in her stuff.
  12. I like that dress. The snake isn't to obvious. I've seen it at Off 5th for around $200.
  13. I love DVF dresses and they flatter my figure well. I've never bought anything full price though. I've almost always gotten things half price.
  14. Personally, yes, DVF is worth it. I own 3 dresses, all wrap style that have held up well & can be worn many places. Only 1 was bought on sale, the other 2 were full price. I don't regret the full prices purchases at all. I'm not a fan of all the prints, so if I see a print that I like, I buy it.
  15. Yes! Totally worth it!