Are brookes and Claires headed to the outlets?

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  1. Has anyone seen clair's at the outlet and are they well stocked or just hit and miss? I think I want one now, I saw one at Lord and Taylor on sale but not on sale enough lol
  2. My outlet has leather and siggy claires.
  3. I just went through all the outlet threads yesterday. Seems some of the outlets currently have Claire in inlaid, and metallic textured few weeks back. Didn't see any at my outlet, and it usually gets good deletes.
  4. My outlet had a couple last week. A sateen chain link and a bronze. I think it's hit or miss right now.
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    My outlet had a few of them a week and a half ago, leather and siggy. Didn't see any inlaid or textured though. They were 30% off full price and then the coupon discount.
  6. None (yet?) at my outlet.
    Oh wait, they did have the spectator awhile back.
    Still to spendy for me, though!
    30% off of retail/outlet still ain't low enough for me!
  7. I agree and that's I just kept on walking to the back clearance wall. :smile: The bone Claire was really pretty though!
  8. So far I have seen the copper Claire and one damaged Ocelot Claire at my outlets. If you have a Nordstrom nearby though, they were having a sale Claires. I remember seeing black and plum and maybe some OP art colors. It was about a week ago though, so if you find any now, it's basically just what's leftover.
  9. Cooper & the sequined one both 30% off.

    I have seen the copper one for the past 2-3 weeks, I think the color is a bit hit or miss for most ppl.

    The sequined one I saw just this past w/e.
  10. Any ides on timelines or prices?
  11. I have no idea but that would be awesome. I want a Claire very badly!!!
  12. I believe Claires are there, and Brooke is only going in certain colours.
  13. Any idea on time-lines & prices?
  14. There are a few colors of Claire already in the outlets. All of these are priced 30% off retail.
  15. Thx