Aqua (bloomingdale's exclusive brand)...thoughts?

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  1. I came upon this section at bloomingdales and I really like it. It seems like h&M and zara but much better quality (eg real cashmere and leather). Very current styles.
    Anyone have this brand? I can't find any of the stuff I found in the store on their website though. Maybe the store has newer stuff.
  2. I only have two things from that brand - a great sweater that I love to wear and a really cute dress that I always get compliments on. So far my experience has been good with the brand. I haven't had any quality issues or anything with it. They never show much online, in the store it has a much larger selection.
  3. That's good to hear! I tried googling and it's impossible to google the brand since it just returns aqua colored clothing lol
  4. The store has a larger selection for sure!
  5. I really like their leather moto and bomber jackets. They are softer and better quality than many $700 I felt. The are less than $300. And the fit is great. I guess I have to trek back to the store to buy it then.
  6. I like them a lot. I have two cashmere sweaters and a pale green/black net dress. The cashmere is of great quality and the dress was cheap and fits me well.
  7. They also sell Aqua clothing at Filene's basement in the designer vault section
  8. I have an Aqua skirt that I bought at Bloomie's a few years ago. The colors are really vibrant and I find that it has held up well!
  9. Never heard of the brand, but I will look into it now.
  10. I LOVE Aqua! I have one of their cashmere sweaters, and a number of other random pieces. The quality is pretty good (not top tier, but solid), and the price point is just right! They always have a good mix of "of the moment" and classic things. :smile: