apple green mini twiggy

  1. i took the plunge and bought the apple green mini twiggy from susans in burlingame...the twiggy is my favorite style, but i was shocked by the size of the mini twiggy. it's really cute for a going out bag, but the size just isn't for me. i will post pics when i get home tonight. and wow, the apple green IRL is such a vibrant and fun color. :yes: :biggrin:

    btw, they had in stock another mini looked like 05 teal, such a pretty color :heart:
  2. oooooooooooo cool, odd!!! Congratulations!!!

    Apple green is just a happy, vibrant color!!! Can't wait to see pics!!
  3. Where is this place? Do you happen to have the number???
  4. i am pretty sure the color they have left is not '05 teal but '05 blue.
  5. odd, i was so close to buying that... before i found an apple first. i just thought it might be too small for me. i can't wait to see pics. can you post pics of it being carried, so i can get a sense of the size? congrats on your bag.
  6. ^^^Ditto (About the pics)!

    Congrats on the great find :smile:
  7. congrats on the great find! apple green is quite diffcult to come by these days! cant wait to see pics!
  8. Apple green is such a fun color- congrats! :smile:
  9. odd -- congrats on the purchase but i am sorry the size isn't working for you. it is definitely a going out bag or a cute summer bag for daytime when you are just want a small bag. i couldn't use mine for everyday.
  10. Is that the indigo? Cause I've been dying for that bag!!
  11. no. i think it is the cornflower like color. sorry. you can call to confirm but i am 99% sure b/c i asked when i got my turq.
  12. here are the photos finally! too bad i won't be keeping this one. my search for a bigger bag in the apple continues. enjoy the pics!

  13. I think they are the same. Maybe because mine wasn't stuffed in that last pic? Odd -- what is the style number on your tag? I did hear that there were two but we weren't sure.
  14. ^it says 138224 on the tag.