Appalling customer behavior at Hermes!

  1. At the H boutique today while I was persuing for shawls, from the back of the room I heard a man shouting. When I looked back, it was a little Japanese man in his 60's, who looks like the type of Japan old man that I do not like (I am of Japanese ancestry), was yelling at the sales associate. Of course, he was so loud that everybody looked back. You can tell the sales associate was desperately trying to appease the customer and explain (not sure about what). I wasn't sure what the commotion and the problem was all about -- maybe it's a return?

    In the US, when you have a customer yelling and being rude to a sales associate, usually the manager comes out and handles it, right? Well, in this case, the transaction continues with the man continuing to yell to the discomfort of all of the customers (and the poor sales associate) in the store.

    Then, to my utter shocking surprise, this man hits/throws hermes box and bag at the sales associate's head telling her that she needs to be more careful. I was wondering when the :censor: :censor: they were going to call in security. :rant: You can tell the poor sales associate is completely stresse, but she continues to be polite to the customer and WALKS HIM TO THE DOOR and thanks him.

    I am absolutely appalled by this type of behavior. If this were the US, security would be called in and he would be told never to come back.

    ABSOLUTELY appalling.
  2. :wtf:...I'm speechless, I can't believe he got away with such behavior! What a :censor: moron, I don't know how people like that can be at peace with themselves knowing that they treat people that way?...there's NO excuse!
  3. This is the first time I have seen a customer throw/hit something at a sales associate EVER. Hermes, as a class act, simply just picks up the bag/box that he threw and all of the SAs pretend like nothing happened.
  4. wow - poor SA... yes, this would NEVER happen in the US or even get that far (especially in my state). *sigh* this is why my local boutique no longer does SO. my SA said that they've been yelled at entirely too much.
  5. when you say, "SO", you mean special order?
  6. If that happened in the states, the customer could have been arrested.

    HL, wow, that's too bad about the SO's in your state.
  7. you would think right?
  8. lol - no, not the entire state, just my local boutique. that's the reason that they normally tell customers. i've once witnessed a torrential onslought of very colorful language when a middle-aged lady was told that her order was cancelled. no yelling, mind you, just lots of cursing - enough to even make a sailor blush! never fear - you know that all stores can make exceptions *wink, wink*.
  9. sorry for the mixup, everyone.
  10. Mea culpa. I should learn to read better.
  11. Oh my - that sounds awful! I would have been so uncomfortable! What do you think....the SA screwed up a SO, or maybe scratched a bag?
  12. No, I don't think so.

    First, it was an old man.

    Second, they were at the men's apparel section.

    Third, he threw a I think a tie box...
  13. Oh, that's even WORSE...especially if he was so upset over a tie, or something so small. I thought maybe the SA scratched a SO 50th anniversary Kelly present for his wife or something (not that this would be anymore excusable!)....
  14. I agree. The amazing thing is that some SA didn't stick up for her. I guess they didn't want to get hurt in the cross fire...
  15. Maybe she was having an affair with him, and just broke it off......

    :lol: :upsidedown: