Apartment-hunting makes me want to move to a desert island

  1. @#$%! <--- Pardon me! :Push:

    I am trying to find a 3 bedroom place in Chicago. Between my future roommate's demands and their complete lack of help, to the fact that agents/landlords seem confuzzled about the fact that YES, I am in fact IN California but I am trying to find an apartment IN Chicago... This one landlord told me he would not rent out his apartment to me unless he sees my roommates and I in person!

    Ahhh! How long does it usually take for one to find an apartment?
  2. Wow, he wanted to see what you looked like? Like, he only rents to what, a certain ethnic group or religion? I would have unleashed a tirade on that guy. Geez, maybe your luck will improve...
  3. it's a hideous search isn't it? :sad:

  4. He said that he wants to make sure we'll "take care of the place." Basically, he wanted to see if we looked like classy people because according to him, he had just seen "a group of raggedy-looking guys who would probably wreck the apartment."

  5. E-mail him a pic of some bikers or something...say "here we are"!!
  6. haha, I should!!

    My quasi-S.O. who is a very clean-cut guy actually went to the landlord's alma mater and they went to one of those schools where all the alumni feel chummy with one another. He assured the landlord that we're all very nice girls, but no... he said he had to meet us in person! I guess he had a lot of other people waiting to see the apartment, anyway, he didn't really need us.
  7. Then it was not meant to be. You will find something nice, don't let it get you down!:heart:
  8. Gah, that sucks. I used rent.com the last time I was looking for a place here, but I guess meeting the landlord was a non-issue since I'm local. Hmmm. Go to chireader.com and start making calls, you might get lucky. That's the best advice I can give you. Good luck!
  9. Hi Intl -- appt hunting sucks, but once you get settled in, it will be fabulous in Chicago.

    Btw, what ever happened w/ your room-mate decision? Are you living with your good buddy now, or the original girl that you were going to rent with?

    Either way, once you find a place, it will get easier;)
  10. Awwww, I hope you find one soon and sorry that you're the only one (and your SO) doing all the work!
  11. Aww, thanks for remembering, Mandy! I'm hunting for a 3 bedroom place for all of us. I don't want to leave the other girl out.
  12. this is really the best thing to keep in mind when looking for an apparment. it keeps your hair on your head instead of being torn out in raging frustration! :hysteric:

    good luck! stay :supacool:....the most perfect amazing place will fall in your lap right before you fall off the edge of sanity. count on it. :yes:
  13. Good Luck - it can be really frustrating but just hang in there and it will all come good!:flowers:
  14. Ugh, I'm in Redmond, WA and apartment hunting is really awful here as well. From what I've heard, sounds like Microsoft is hiring a whole slew of new people and most places are 100% occupied... Rent will be going up when our lease is over and we won't have a place to move to. :Push:

    I got so fed up I'm now looking to buy a condo. :sad:
  15. Will you have the option to maybe stay at a hotel while first there to look for one in person?