Anyone Up For Some Eye Candy, Purple Patent That Is?

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  1. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing-this patent is stunning!
  2. Love them both! The purple patent is truly striking!
  3. love the wallet :smile:
  4. Hotness!!! Love the wallet, too, and how the grey goes with the purple. Hmm....I may have to pick one up myself.
  5. Love it! Congrats!
  6. Ooooh! That patent purple is sooo pretty! :heart:
  7. Congrats!! Gorgeous Combo!
  8. Mmmm. . .purple is always good!!! Don't forget to post your pictures in the Patent Lovers Club :graucho:
  9. A wallet and a bag! Awesome! congrats on your new purchases! Rm patent looks amazzzzzzing
  10. Thanks everyone! I :heart::heart::heart: them both! I'm a big fan of patent so this bag is awesome! I love the color too. It's nice because when it's in the dark or shade, it's almost very back/dark purple. Today I was holding it up to the light and it was bright purple. You can see the streaks in it in the sun too.
  11. OMG! I saw this jamie wallet recently and fell in love! Its amazing, and so is your bag! Great Combo!!
  12. I love the patent so much! That combo looks so great together!
  13. Love love love the purple patent. I'm thinking about getting something in this colour, can anyone tell me if the purple patent comes with the blue and white RM lining or the black and white floral lining ... or both??

    Total newbie so I have no idea.
  14. The purple patent Nikki is TDF, CONGRATS!!!
  15. fabulous!!!

    mod pics??