Anyone Up For Some Eye Candy, Purple Patent That Is?

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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first RM bag! I :heart: it! The purple patent Nikki. The leather is so smooshy and the color is amazing. I took some pictures, but first I thought I would start with the wallet I got!

    I love the metallic purple, so I adore the wallet with it's metallic purple trim.

    And of course I couldn't forget my Vincent card!

    I got this little cutie in the mail too.
  2. .....And now..... Drum roll please...... TAH DAH!!! Purple Patent Nikki!


    I took these all without flash. In the first picture it's loaded up with all my stuff.
  3. wow, that's gorgeous and so fun! congrats!
  4. Congrats! Lovely wallet and that purple patent leather is TDF!
  5. i LOVE that wallet!
  6. ^i agree!
    the wallet is tdf! :yes:
    i want to get one but apparently its not sold at lunaboston, funkylala, revolve..(sites i've shopped before)
    museten has it, but since i never bought from this sight i'm a bit hesitant

    L-U-V did u get it at RM's site?
  7. Thanks everyone!

    The wallet was actually one of my Christmas presents, but I picked it up at the SF SS.
  8. love the purple!! Both items are so pretttyyy :drool: they make a lovely pair, thanks for sharing :smile:
  9. It is impossible to find the Purple Patent Nikki anywhere, isn't it - I mean, except eBay? Such an incredible bag... congratulations!
  10. gorgeous! i love the purple patent! congrats!

    p.s. i see something black peeking in the background :graucho:
  11. So cute! LOVE the wallet too!
  12. Love the Purple Patent!!!! Congrats, the two go great together!
  13. Gorgeous Bag! congrats!
  14. Awesome lookin' Nikki, congrats!
  15. Love love love love it!!