Anyone Purchasa Bag From Let-Trade..

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  1. ... and have you had to pay customs?

    When I ordered LV from them, it comes EMS (Postal Service) and never a customs fee (it states on the p/w "used handbag"). But I see the H bags are sent Fed Ex - and I have had to pay customs on Fedex on other bags in the past. Just curious of anyone's experience?

    Their prices are good, but if adding in 9% (I believe it is the customs tax in USA) the price becomes more than some other reputable resellers in the US for the same or very similar bag.
  2. I purchased a birkin through Let-trade, and Fedex customs was $59... no biggie. I prefer FedEx to EMS... Let-trade gave me the option and I chose FedEx as I find them more secure and fast.
  3. Thank you for the info!
  4. I had my birkin sent via EMS, got to LA from Hong Kong in 3-4 days just last christmas. No customs at all. LEt trade marked 'used bag' on the box. They offered me the choice between EMS and Fed EX and a lot of the ladies here had wonderful experience with EMS so that's how I picked~~ Good Luck!!
  5. -from HK to San Francisco in 2-3 days for me! Was there any difference WRT insurance on the item, between EMS or FedEx? Did you ask? Is one (shipper) safer than the other that way?

    - may35, did FedEx call and ask you what the item was, what it was made of, the cost, etc? I seem to remember getting a call from them, but I can't remember what they said. Do you mind me asking how much the bag was, and how did they figure the customs fee?
  6. Yes Fedex did call me to verify the item. They asked for my identification info and confirmed that I did purchase this item.

    And boo1689-- I LOVE your raisin/cyclamen birkin! Let-trade told me so many gals inquired about this one and I was so sure many were PFers and I'm so glad it went to you!
  7. chessmont- I asked them regarding insurance Let-Trade told me that if I want to insure it for the full amount, they would have to declare the full amount , which means I'd be looking at paying customs. They told me they have never lost a bag with EMS. It was very easy to track too, once it gets to the US it's delivered by the USPS. At first I was thinking maybe Fed Ex would be safer, but I've heard a lot of stories where the bag got stuck at FedEx and I wanted to get my bag ASAP. I just kept my fingers crossed and it worked out!!

    may- Miss raisin-cyclamen :flowers::flowers: is glad you think she is pretty!! I'm having so much fun with her. The lady who helped me at Let-Trade was sooooo sweet and she told me there was lots of inquiry on her too. I never thought I'd be able to find her but I guess it was meant to be and I'm so happy!
  8. I bought my big garden party from Let-Trade & as I mentioned before to boo1689 the item arrived quickly,no hassles, & no extra fees were added.Another added plus was the fact the items including mine were very reasonably priced.
  9. hi! so let-trade sells authentics right?
  10. Unequivocally, Yes!
  11. Did not pay customs. Professional seller. Quick shipping and well wrapped and would buy again from them any time.
  12. Thank you for the endorsement, Grace. I've been watching their website, and considering making a've made the decision much easier! :heart:

  13. Also did not pay custom. Their shipping is RIDICOUSLY fast! :tup:
  14. Let-Trade is awesome!! Great bunch of people:heart:
  15. Hi all! Does anyone know the source of the Hermes bags on let-trade? I also was questioning authenticity because of the great selection and condition of the bags on the site. I would hate to make a purchase for several thousand dollars and then attempt to get a refund from sellers outside the US. Thanks in advance for any info.