Anyone own/have thoughts on Lyndsey sandals?

  1. I think these are so cute! I remember some of you saying that the gold ones tend to flake off.. I am wondering about the black ones. :shrugs: I think these are adorable and look comfortable and fun.. and it's my name only spelled differently! :p Do any of you have these? Can you tell me what you know about them? Thanks so much! :tup:
  2. We had a bad experience with the metallic ones. I would think the others would be fine, and they were very comfy!
  3. yep, i have the gold ones and the gold is coming off...but the others should be okay
  4. Just IMO, they look comfy, but don't think I would wear those...

  5. Well I would! :tup:
  6. yeah I thought I had read that about the gold, that is too bad.. I hope the others are okay, not sure if I will get them though.

    Thanks for letting me know, they look so cute and casual, I was hoping they were comfy! :tup: Hopefully I can get a good deal on a pair before summer. :graucho:
  7. More power to ya! it was just IMO... :smile:, anything COACH is fab! :love:
  8. I tried them on at my local Coach store they were comfy but i didnt want the colors they had
  9. I own the gunmetal (silver metallic) ones and although the silver is coming off on the foot bed, I don't regret buying them! They are comfortable and stylish!
  10. I have the gold ones, and they are super comfy! But the gold does start to wear off after a while.
  11. I have 3 of them the khaki/gold, the black signature, and the black gunmetal... and they are VERY comfortable.. the black gunmetal started to wear off on the part where you put your foot and also the khaki/gold .. but the all black seem to be fine. I can't wait to wear them for summer they are the best!!


  12. I soooo love it.. specially the gold one.. too bad that the gold thingy coming off :sad:
  13. It's all good.. just teasin' :p

  14. Yummy!!!! Now I REALLY want them.. thanks a lot!!!!! :p
  15. ok, now that i'm seeing them in different colors, i like them a lot! i love the gunmetal ones... whats the style number on those? don't remember seeing them on the site? maybe i should double check...?? :noggin: