Anyone of you regret getting the vernis agenda?

  1. With color transfer being one of the main concern of vernis pieces, I'm wondering if any of you guys regret getting your vernis agenda. Is it easy to get pen marks on the agenda? Vernis is indeed pretty to look at, but is it practical to get a vernis AGENDA? I don't want to get something that is pretty to look at, but too afraid to actually write on it and use it... :p TIA!
  2. I have the Framboise and I love it. I really beat my bags and things up a lot. I just throw my agenda in to my BH with all my other stuff (Keys included) and so far no scratches nothing. I also have it stuffed to the max with the inserts plus a bunch of filo fax things and take it in and out of my bag to write my appts. and notes in it. I've had it for almost a month now and so far so good!
  3. ^^ Wow, seems much more durable than I thought! I love the framboise too. I think if I really get one, I would have been keeping it in the dustbag all the time even when I bring it out in my bag. :p LOL...
  4. I absolutely love mine!! I have the Indigo but also had the framboise, and no problems with color transfer at all. It's just so shimmery and pretty and so useful! I say get it!!!
  5. Actually vernis isn't as delicate as people think..
    Vernis is so pretty and will stay pretty years to come..go get it..
  6. Wow, both framboise and indigo? I can imagine how gorgeous both are..! Two of my favourite vernis colors, along with bronze! :love:
  7. ohhh I am eyeing the pomme small agenda too and was worried it may be delicate...thanks for this happy to hear the vernis is durable and that many people are super happy with it....
  8. Yea, I know what you mean. :yes: Actually I don't mind getting a vernis bag, I'm sure as long as I take care of it right, it won't have any problem staying gorgeous for years.

    Just that with agenda, it will come close to contact with pen(gasp!) and I know once you get a pen mark on vernis, it will be there permanently can't be removed. :push: Also, since I might throw it inside my bag, it might come in contact with other things inside, and worry about color transfer and stuffs. So I just wonder if I should get vernis bags instead and agenda in other material, KWIM?

    Still collecting feedbacks here and deciding... ;)
  9. :yes::yes:

    Definitely! :love: my Vernis agenda
  10. I have the framboise agenda and I love it. I have yet to find a pen that fits in the loop though. I actully want a pencil, don't carry pens in my purse for fear they may explode x.x;
  11. Yea, pomme is such a hot and sexy color..! :love:

    I've been wanting an agenda for months, since last year... Lol... :shame: Still can't make up my mind. Just hope PFers here are not tired of my endless agenda threads. :shame: :sweatdrop:
  12. If I do get an LV agenda, I'm thinking of getting a pen from Tiffany, the one Lola24 posted some time ago. It seems perfect for the agenda. Not sure if Tiffany has pencils though. Maybe you can search for those slim mechanical pencils? :shrugs:
  13. I went to Tiffany to try the tiffany blue pen in the Framboise agenda. It is stunning. I am going to go back and get it. The pink and blue contrast is amazing in real life. I am trying to run away from work to to drive the 30 miles in traffic to get the pen ($75). If and when I get the pen I'll post pix.

  14. I carry my pens in my LV mono cosmetic case - that way if they ever would leak, I only have to buy a new cosmetic case . . . I been doing this for about three years so far no leaks anyway . . .
  15. Can't wait for your pix!
    I've checked out the blue pen in Tiffany, nice! :yes: But I wanna check out the pink one to compare both. :p They didn't have stock for the pink when I was there. Hope they have stocks soon.