Anyone in the market for naked vachetta?

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  1. I don't usually post my findings on ebay but this deserves it's own little post!

    If you're in the market for a strip of vachetta!

    I've seen Louis Vuitton dustbags, shopping bags, ribbons, and all that works but never this... hilarious. The bears/turtles that came on this were so cute though!

    :idea: I wonder how much money we would get if we tried to sell everything that came with our purchase! Tacky. ;)
  2. And how about when they sell the dustbag seperately?? In one Chanel auction the buyer stipulated that she would only include the dustbag if the bag sold for more than $600.
  3. :lol: Omigod...that is hilarious!
  4. Now that's a first for me too! Great, from now I'll only include my dustbags if the bag sells for over retail price :wacko:
  5. :lol: I'll start the bid @ $ jj, not sure wtf I'd need that for.
  6. I wonder if someone will buy it and cut it into a leaf for a fake Speedy or something.
  7. :lol: are you talking about those nasty hanging tags?
  8. Okaaaay????? What exactly is this for?:blink:
  9. that would be so funny! i don't doubt at all though that some lame-o would do that
  10. I wonder about selling everything that comes with a bag as well. What I really hate is when sellers especially MPRS sell e.g. a mono or damier bucket and the belonging little pouch seperately. There I feel ripped off. A lot of people sell the LV boxes and paperbags on ebay and there are people who buy it.
  11. I've seen the bags and I was so perplexed! What is someone gonna do with the bag. so weird.
  12. what's even more astonishing its its $8.95 to ship!!
  13. I wonder how much I would get for mine hehe:nuts: They are to hold the LV teddy brooches in place and on the back of it .. it is where the date code is located....I only found out through turning it over:lol:
  14. wow! i didn't even notice that, good observation! :weird:
  15. Ohh lucky! I'm kicking myself now for not getting the brooches when they came out. I loveee the turtle ones!