Anyone here has a Blythe doll?

ok so I went browsing online and came across a message board of obsessed blythe doll owners. What in the world makes these dolls so popular? They are cute, yes, but so are most Dolls?;)

It was like, like.....If my boyfriend had come here!! He totally doesnt understand spending lots of money on "a bag"

So anyone in the know, could you update us on what makes these dolls so amazing?
I think they're pretty cute too, that's why I want to get one with long black hair. I heard that their eyes can change colour, is that true?
I think what make them special is that when they were put on the market (commercialized?) in the beginning of the 70´s, it was not a success at all..........
People thought they were scarry :big head, weird eyes that you can change the color or make them blink by pulling a string (but I´m not quite sure how that works as I don´t have one) they were quickly removed of the market.Which made them rare, and so artists started to collect them, fascinated by the look of these dolls that were just considered being a mistake by the original Toy Manufacturer.
I love Blythe !
Perja, look for the "Love Mission" Blythe. She has long long black hair.
They change color eye's by pulling a string on the back of their head (or neck) They have Blue, Green, Pink, and Brown eyes. I spent way too much time looking at pictures of them last night and now Im sure I want one two. Everyone at work thinks they are scary looking, but I have taken a liking to them. I think i am going to get "love mission" first too. Either that or "Cinnamon Girl".

Cloud I can't wait to see your pictures!