Anyone have experience with RM metallic leather?

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  1. I'm contemplating on a RM Navy Metallic leather bag... I wanted to ask you guys what happens over time? I heard stories that even if you take care of it, the metallic in the leather comes off? Is this true? Can someone shed some light? Thanks!:smile:
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    Here's a picture of it. I circled the part that seems to be scuffed and seems to be scraping off on the sides of where I circled? Can anyone tell me? I think you'll have to zoom it to see it better. Please help!

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  3. In my experience no matter what brand, metallic leather has a bigger chance of peeling e.g. Prada, Chanel...but I do love metallic leather!
  4. I love metallic bags. In general I find their leather crispy but it does not mean they are low quality. I have a Balenciaga City and a Chloe Paddington both metallic and after 10 and 7 yrs respectively I dont see any more wear and tear than my other bags. I bought a Magenta mini mac a couple months ago, though I have not carried it. Its leather looks exactly like my other metallic bags. Im in fact dying to find a bkue purple metallic mac so id say go for it. (Looks like our wish list is similar hehe)

  5. I adore metallic leather, but what I circled seems to show obvious sign of peeling. What more with the friction with clothes. I use jeans all the time! This is what I fear will happen. This is the exact kind of metallic leather:

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  6. Hehe same taste in bags I see! You have great taste! ;)
  7. Ooh what a pity!! I debated getting the silver Mac from shopbop but held long have you had this??
  8. Ooh ...actually my gold Prada wallet was really scratched up fast, dunno why bit my Chanel dark silver is still pretty good but it was crackled leather so maybe that's why? Smooth metallic saffiano seems to not fare too well...I read that it's about the dying process
  9. Makes sense actually. I have a mini Hudson in rose gold saffiano. It's in flawless condition and I also have a metallic Elle mini but the metallic is cracked foil and its flawless, but I think also this kind of damage seems to be frequent in smooth leather.

  10. I'm so tempted to get the silver now! Your rose gold sounds lovely!! Pics?

  11. Oh lovely! Which metallic did you get? :smile:
  12. I meant I was on holiday too lol! Not peach mini five zip just arrived..but can't really unwrap at work lol!