Anyone have a Gucci agenda/planner?

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  1. I really want this one...


    I saw one in person at the Gucci store in SF and it's so lovely. Plus it comes with the full set of calendar sheets and so on, which are very nicely designed. This is the medium size...
  2. I almost bought that one, it's so beautiful! I was concerned with the leather holding up so I bought the same one in the coated canvas which will last forever, but I sure love that one more. :love:
  3. i have that agenda, the small one.
    i think it's gorgeous, i love it!
    so far, no probs whatsoever with the leather.
  4. I am so tempted to splurge on it. At least I have a few more months to decide, since I am determined to at least use up the rest of my calendar in my small LV Koala agenda.
  5. Is that the burgundy color, love the guccisima! let us know what you decide!
  6. It's the chocolate color. There is a plain leather used one I have my eye on in the Marketplace, but gosh, the Guccissima is so lovely, particularly the varying brown tones throughout the chocolate line. I think if I got this one it would definitely be something I would treasure always; a classic.

    gah, I'll decide soon.

    Does Gucci announce price increases every year like LV?
  7. Jane, didn't you just buy a koala agenda? You're going to become the agenda queen.
  8. I did! A month ago ...

    And I do love it, but I want to get a medium-sized one as well. I only wish that LV made a mono/pink koala agenda MM :biggrin:
  9. Oooh.. changed their site a bit; you can now grab and save huge versions of their photography! YUMMY.

    Look at that beauteous leather... :love: :love: :love:
  10. that is nice, i love the colour. i will pop by gucci to take a look soon.
  11. jane: you should get it! it's so beautiful...

    oh wow... i actually had my eyes set on the LV damier koala agenda (present for myself when i get in grad school) but now i think i want the guccisima! the paper in the gucci agenda seems bigger than that of the same size LV agenda, which makes more sense IMO.

    does anyone here have experience with white/rose guccisima? i wonder if these colors would get dirty easily...
  12. Oh that's the one I really want too! But I didn't see it in real life yet. Is the ring size extremely big like the LV medium agendas? Those are too big, but I also don't want a tiny tiny ring either.

    I'm loving the white one and the chocolate one, but I'm afraid the white one will be ruined very quickly with dirtiness and then it'll just look ugly.
  13. That is the same agenda I want. Except, I want the largest one that zips all the way around.

  14. Oh, with all the small ring vernis LV agendas I have, I think I want a medium size Gucci agenda with their pages...hmmm.... definately. This is what I want, i'll keep lunar calendars in there too! hooray, must look at Gucci site! Thanks Jane!
  15. I like it.