Anyone have a denim pleaty?

  1. What are the good and bad points of this bag? It has been in my head for a little bit now and my husband even said he liked it when we were in LV a few weeks ago.
  2. Hi, I've it and denim speedy, too :heart: The good points:
    - actually it's roomy enough while you see it smaller than speedy ( ? )
    - unique & cute design :p could pleat it with the buttons on right &left side and could make it bigger with pull the pleat, don't use the buttons.

    The bad points:
    - although it's roomy enough but put a lot things inside make it looks like 'stomach of little-duck' :balloon:
    - no zipper on it, sometimes my lipgloss 'jump-out'

    Anyway, it's still lovely to have
  3. I have one too and I agree with everything lvgodiva said about it :yes: It fits quite a bit, but since there is no structure, you'd have to dig around for your stuff.
  4. I have it too, and it is roomy, but you do dig for your stuff. Personally I think it's too small, it's very cute, but it's small.
  5. hmmm... I was eyeing this bag today too, and thought it would be a good "I want" bag... nice to hear this. ... I think the duck stomach thing is cute, fabulous looking bag though...
  6. It's cute, but I think there are better LV bags.
  7. i think bvbirdygirl has it in blue (the mini....) you should ask her about it, i know she would be glad to help you! :smile:
  8. ^^The Mini Pleaty & the Pleaty are totally diff bags IMO...
  9. 1st post in LV.... anyway... i have the denim pleaty and i love it although.. i am partial to big bags(i.e. my vinyl coco cabas is FULL) but it is a great little bag.. i use it mostly on vacation when i don't need so much stuff. It does fit alot for a small bag though... and its just adorable all over but i agree with lvgodiva about things sometimes "popping" out of it!
  10. Has anyone seen a pleaty on let-trade before and what do you think a used one would go for?
  11. I agree 100%
  12. HERE I AM!!! lol. themini plleaty is totally different.. but i dont blame her for not knowing.. most mini bags are just tiny replicas of the original...

    but the pleaty is just bigger. and my mini pleaty holds a TON.
    i wo uld post pics if i could.. but it holds a regular arrowhead waterbottle
    a razr.. an ipod nano, a ludlow wallet. and a bag of skittles.
    believe it or not...
  13. I really want one too and have had my eye out on let trade. It will prob. be the first 2nd hand bag I buy.