anyone has the greenwich bucket bag

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  1. Does anyone has the Greenwich bucket bag? Saw it today on half off at the MK store. It's the Khaki color. it is so cute!!! I can see that it's a very functional piece, great for travelling too. I almost bought it but had refrained myself.

    If you do can you please share your review?
  2. I had one, medium cherry. It was super cute but I ended up selling it. Great for crossbody and carrying only a small amount of things, it just wasn't love for me.
  3. I have the medium size in Optic White and I am currently using it. I love this bag a lot! It looks small, but it holds a ton! I am very glad I got this bag, it's one of my top 10.
  4. Hi Coachmaven, do you know how many size it comes in? the one I saw looks small, but I can't seem to find a small one while googling, so thinking maybe it only comes in a medium size?

    I feel that it will be so great for travelling!
  5. is it because of the color or the style?
  6. The style, cute but I didn't reach for it much. It looked awkward on me.
  7. It came in both the small and medium size. There were larger bucket bags, but I don't think they were technically named Greenwich, but I could be wrong. Medium looks small, but due to its shape it holds a lot.
  8. I am also thinking about getting a Greenwich bucket in medium! But unfortunately where I live, there is only one MK store in the entire city, so I haven't had a chance to see the bag in person. I would really appreciate it if anyone who owns one could post either a modelling pic, or a size comparison with other MK bags pic so I could get an idea of the size of a medium bucket! I just want to know how big or small it looks before buying one online :smile:
  9. I also have a medium Greenwich bucket and can say that it's one of my absolutely favorites! It's really the perfect size and it holds a lot more than it appears. I'd say that it holds maybe a bit more than the medium Selma satchel. I'm sorry, I have no modelling pic, but I know there are some in the Greenwich thread. I definitely can highly recommend that bag, especially in the medium size. There is also a small and a large size, but to me medium looks the best.
  10. There are some modelling shots, I want to say Pinkalicious did one with her Greenwich, but I may be wrong, it's in the Greenwich bag thread. I love the medium size, it looks small, but holds A LOT. You won't be sorry with that size.

  11. Here is a modelling pic of the medium Greenwich bucket bag and one of a medium Selma for comparison. I'm about 1,68 meters tall.

    Attached Files:

  12. Thanks for your responses about the medium bucket! I have also had a look through the Greenwich thread. I think I am pretty much sold on it! I'll be ordering one soon!
  13. I know this is a SUPER old post, but I was considering a Small Greenwich Bucket bag from eBay and am having trouble finding reviews. Do you still have this bag and any thoughts on it after all this time? I can't find anything on how it wears over time and I'm wondering if it would fit a full size wallet? Ideally, I'd use it to carry a full size wallet, phone, keys and a few small cosmetic/miscellaneous items to run errands. Thank you for any insights. :smile:
  14. I had this bag for a year and a half but in the bigger size not the small. It wears very well. In the bigger one, you could fit a full size wallet. I loved it. The only reason I sold it was to make room for new bags. But you couldn't tell it was 1.5 years old from looking at it. It showed no signs of wear and I used it a lot. I hope this helps you on your decision.
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  15. #15 Jun 6, 2018
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    Thanks for the reply! Good to know that the Greenwich bucket bags wear well. I'll have to take another look at the medium size. I was concerned it would look too bulky on me, but I'm not sure the small will fit enough. Ah, bag shopping debates... :amuse:
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