Anyone expecting or gifting bling for the holidays!?

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  1. Thank you Kashmira and Sammyjoe for your help :hugs: I will definitely visit website that you suggested.:smile:
  2. Congratulations to everyone and their gorgeous pieces! Enjoy them all.
  3. Here is my anniversary band upgrade.

    My DY bracelet.Its so fun to wear! Forgive the tag still on,my dh has learned not to remove those JUST in case lol.

    The ring was my bday present back a few months:graucho:
  4. Your items are beautiful
  5. I really like that last picture...I saw this earlier today at a antique jewelry website and thought it looked gorgeous on the finger...very eye catching!
  6. All gorgeous presents! Larissa, that stone is breathtaking!!! And Swanky, I love your blingy cross -- can you post a modeling photo so we can see what your DH thinks of as "small?"
  7. haha. i think it's beautiful! your husband did well! :tup:
  8. oh, what beautiful pieces! congrats!
  9. lolas: gorgeous items:yahoo:congratulations:smile:
    lulilu, grkbella03: thank you :hugs:
  10. I was expecting a Mom charm from Helen Ficalora this year but instead, DH surprised me with this beautiful silver ring with a pearl (DH's birthstone) and a peridot (DS's birthstone) in it. I saw it in a jewelry design shop in New Hope, PA in August - DH went back a few days later to make sure it wouldn't sell, as it's one of a kind!

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  11. Absolutely gorgeous!
  12. Here is my new bling!

    Ippolita rose gold necklace


    Alexis Bittar earrings


    David Yurman earrings

  13. I am always waiting for bling but it never happens...DH has no idea what to buy and when we go shopoping for it together he shows me stuff that I just don't I end up buying it for me! ...I'll post a pic of the green amethyst earrings I got early in December!
  14. [​IMG]

    Let's see if this works....this are my new earrings I got for myself...or as DH says: my Christmas gift for year 2016! lol
  15. wow. that is just gorgeous. you're right, definitely one of a kind and so unique. good for your husband for going back. i love that! wear it in good health!
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