Anyone expecting or gifting bling for the holidays!?

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  1. Did you ask for some bling? Or are you giving some?
  2. Not this year Swanky.....DH upgraded my studs last year so I'm good!
  3. I got my ER reset and some stacking bands
  4. I know I'll be getting a Longines Dolce Vita mini (black face - for casual wear). And a Tahitian pearl with diamond in white gold pendant.

    Not that I'm particular or anything. :cool:

    As for giving, I got my sister a 4ct Asscher cut green tourmaline ring in a simple white gold bezel setting. The bezel's very fine and it's a really cool effect. I thought it'd make a pretty cocktail ring. I hope she likes it! She's the only person I buy for who's into jewellery, so that's it for my bauble giving this Christmas.
  5. :angel:
    Santa hasn't told me yet what he is going to bring me...

    But I commissioned an artist to make a pair of earrings for my mother. They are rose gold, with a 10x6 mm australian black opal dangling from a half carat ruby.
    The rubies were her push-gift from my father back when I was born, so really the present is getting them reset.
  6. Im expecting....... lol
  7. My bf of 9 years bought me a 1.88-carat-heart-shape diamond 2 years ago. He gave me green light to have it set into my e-ring last month. I've been waiting for 3 weeks now and it's not yet finished. I think it's considered as a holiday gift for this year, which is great!:yahoo:
  8. DH and I are going to Hawaii in early January so I'm hoping to score something, maybe even visit a Tiffany's there!
  9. Nothing big, but I asked for a 14k 16gauge 3/8 inch captive bead ring for my ear cartilage piercing.
  10. Dh knows that I like shiny things. He will probably buy something pretty, but I am expecting big bling 2 years from now! Oh, and he bought me my gorgeous aquamarine ring in February, so I am definitely not expecting anything.
  11. I got a "bundled" gift a few months ago: a 1920s ring with little OECs in platinum. It was my combination birthday-anniversary-Christmas gift! (had to position it that way in order to get my DH to buy it! hehe)
  12. I want these: :drool:

    I love the 2 tone look and I tried them on in the boutique today & love the length. They're a good weight but not too heavy in the ear. I may wind up just getting them myself... too impatient to wait for xmas.. or my bday which is just a month later! lol

    ETA: I have a pair of Freshadama earrings that I planned on sending to my grandmother, but just realized i have no idea if she's got pierced ears. I gotta go ask my mom!
  13. aw, I LOVE that a lot of people GIVE the gift of bling!

    I usually pick all mine out and haven't picked or made specific requests so I'm not expecting anything. Plus I went OTT this summer and ordered 4 stackables when he told me to choose 2 or 3 :shame:
  14. Yes! Every Xmas is the gift of bling for me from DH! I just got 1 carat tw diamond studs Friday! Oh and I gifted myself a Tag Watch and a DY bracelet and ring just for the holiday fun. Yay!
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