Anyone expecting or gifting bling for the holidays!?

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  1. butterfly36029, couturequeen, illinirdhd:fabulous pieces:yahoo: congratulations ladies:hugs:
  2. here's a belated pic of my cross pendant. It's not huge, but not teeny and dainty like I was hoping:

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  3. I really like it on you Swanky, and I'm super jealous of your hair. How do you curl it? Or is it naturally curly?
  4. Thanks!
    It's naturally wavy - but ugly wavy :Push:
    I blow dry it straight and the only thing that will curl my hair is my GHD flat iron;
    rollers, curling irons, etc . . . don't work for some reason {?}
    I finally figured out how to curl w/ it! I post a pic in my Anthro thread that shows more of my hair, I'm so excited I figured it out!:yahoo:
    Every day I ask my DD "want Mommy to curl your hair!?"
  5. I got the most beautiful necklace for Christmas. My boyfriend got me a silver Tinkerbell necklace made by Swarovski, it's a Disney one and it's just so beautiful! Her wings and shoes have AB crystals on them. I didn't even ask him for it or know that he was getting me it. He really suprised me with that one and I am in love :biggrin:
  6. oh, i think it's very pretty. i don't think it's too big at all. in fact, when you posted it by itself, it looked bigger than it appears on your neck.

    i love it.
  7. Thanks! It's not really "big" at all, just not dainty :wacko:
  8. Mine is the same way. Not an attractive "wave". I use those Caruso steam ones to curl mine, and usually end up popping the top ones out and replacing with regular hot rollers for more foof.
  9. I bought some and didn't love my first try . . . perhaps I need to give them another try :thinking:
  10. totally unexpected from DH. necklace/pendant with cognac diamonds for xmas. been wearing it daily eversince i got it :

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  11. I LOVE that! I'd have loved to have received that!
  12. They are a bit finangly. I just roll them like regular rollers. Though part of why I take the top row out after the rest is rolled is because they leave majorly stupid looking "dents" near the scalp. The regular rollers smooth that out.
  13. I noticed that, so I rolled the top layer up instead of under, but that results in too many flyaways :sad:
    They need to fix that stinky technology.

  14. Gorgeous stone! I really like the simplicity of the first style.

  15. It's actually a good size pendant and gorgeous! Congrats! What's wrong with the chain?