Anyone Else with non-pay eBay Seller Fees notice?

  1. Something seriously bizarre is going on at eBay today. I got an ALERT message in my eBay messages (but not in my email box...weird on that count). It said that my credit card on file rejected my sellers fees from last month and I had one day to pay the via Paypal or they'd suspend me. This is bizarre on several accounts: 1)it's the same card I've had on file for ages and was billed on last month, 2) there's MORE than enough money in my account to cover the paultry fees from last monty and 3) I called my bank and asked if there was any record of an authorization attempt from eBay in the amount of my fees. The CSR at my bank said there was nothing from eBay since last month. :confused1:

    I had replied to the message and told them my seller account payment info was current and what sort of message did they get? I haven't heard back from that so I logged into a Live Chat with the billing department. I've been waiting for 30 minutes and it still says another 30 minutes to go.

    Something fishy is going on...... Anyone else getting the message that your payment is being rejected by your card on file?
  2. I got one this morning.
  3. I got one too. I normally pay my fees automatically through PayPal. Today I had to link to PayPal through eBay and pay that way.
  4. :yes:I got the message too . I usually pay straight from Paypal (i am invoiced on the last day of the month and the payment goes out on the 10th or there about) I was told i need to pay today but i am hanging on a few days to see if the original payment goes out 1st , i don't want to pay twice.
  5. I've been "on hold" for a Live Chat for well over an hour and still counting, so seeing other people got this notice, it's obvious now that eBay had a major SNAFU in the billing department!!
  6. i got the same message. i am signed up for automatic payment, and last month my fees were deducted and i have a bank routing # for that transaction....i think ebay really messed up, or someone hacked into something as i've been waiting for 20 minutes on live help and im #330 in cue....when normally when i log on, there's only maybe 7-10 people ahead of me. i have a feeling we're not the only one's discovering this this morning...
  7. Oh man! Talk about a SNAFU! I just finished with my live chat:

    That message was accidently sent out to 2 million eBay sellers!!!!! :wtf:

    I was told just to ignore it and it would come out of my bank account as usual. I'd hate to be working for eBay's billing department today.....
  8. holy cow! thats gonna have 2 million people calling or emailing ebay today.

  9. If you are OK taking my word for it (see my last post), you don't need to hang on for 1 1/2 hours for the Live Chat (it will be that long!) based on what I was told.

    Donna: it's not a scam. Ebay screwed up big time!
  10. I'll say they messed up...I got one, and I've never sold anything on Ebay!

    This is why I don't have a paypal account linked to Ebay...fear of what their next mess will be...
  11. ^^^I sold something this morning and had planned to leave the money in my Paypal account for a couple of days while I agonize on whether on not to buy something I've been wanting. After this nonsense got started I hopped in to Paypal and made and IMMEDIATE withdrawal!!!
  12. Those IDIOTS!! :tdown:

    They should have sent that to all the member's EBAY MAILBOXES! I never look at those announcements and I doubt I'm alone on that!!
  13. Oh man, I got the same message and paid through paypal...I was surprised, btu I always log on and pay my fees through paypal before they are due, so I honestly couldn't remember what cc I had hooked up to the account. I had to request a new cc recently due to an eBay security breach (eye roll here), and I couldn't remember if I had updated the number or not. My fees were low, so it was no biggie, but I bet some of the powersellers really got a scare, that sucks.
  14. oh thank God you wrote this! I got it too and called my credit card CO pissed off! LOL!
    They said eBay hasn't even tried to charge my account yet this month!