Anyone else notice? Lots of limited pieces still in stores.

  1. Wow, not a lot of hits this S/S releases. Valley Fair had just about everything still on display and available. Lots of dentelle, including Fursten (sp?) and speedy, lambskin riveting, LVoe totes, all 3 colors, all 3 of the blue button bags (what are those called?), the dots, patchwork, I saw pretty much everything except for the cloud bags, but they did have those a few weeks ago.
  2. What city is Valley Fair in? Sorry, I'm Canadian!
  3. I havn't been to the boutique in a while, but we still had a lot of Lambskin Riveting... The N.O. boutique doesn't get a lot of limited things in :crybaby:
  4. Hmm. Thats an interseting thought Mary. My store is kinda small but the LTD edition pieces still seem to be around in high numbers. I think its b/c these pieces are very very expensive versus ltd lines of years ago (multi cerises grafitti ect)
  5. Yup, I was asking my SA about having a fersen transferred in & she said it wouldn't be much of a problem...but getting another cloud bag in ecru "is not going to happen". *sigh* I would love to check out a Stratus, I feel like I'm missing out if I don't get both colors :sad:
  6. Me too. Haha. Valley fair is in Southern California. Its in the City of Santa Clara.

    Heres the Link
  7. Yeah, I agree. I saw the Fersen here, as well as the lambskin riveting, the blue panema. When we had the CB craze, the Murakami LEs, the miroir, etc...none of it was instore let alone displayed.
  8. Vally Faire is in the San Jose area & it is a kick-a$$ mall!!
    Northern California's Bay area has some amazing shopping....I miss it....alot!
  9. We are still waiting for the clouds, LOVE & street to arrive at my store:rolleyes:
  10. Yup, my boutique has a ton. The Buttons (all lines), LVOE, Riveting (both lambskin ones and the mono), Patchwork, Dentelle and Street bags are all just sitting on the shelves.
  11. I wonder what they will have in Las Vegas at the end of May. My husband said I can get a bag (within reason) at LV and he did say get a statement piece- some thing other than mono.
  12. Yup, my local boutique's like that too.... actually, it's ALWAYS like this! lol
  13. That's it....ROAD TRIP!!
  14. Yeah, I was surprised that the lambskin Riveting was still available! Probably because of the price, whilst the mono Riveting has been gone for quite a while. The Dentelle Kirsten is definitely all gone, but the Fersen seems to be still available. Olympes are all waitlist only. LVOE totes are still availble too. I didn't ask about the patchworks cos I wasn't really interested in them.
  15. oh yes, totally...2 weeks ago i saw in NYC Saks LV a nice bunch of rivets. at the manhasset, l.i. store, all in the displays were dentelles, accessories, speedy, fersen, BH, LVOE totes...rivets...i didn't see (or look for any purposely cause it didn't even enter my mind) any cloud bags. prehaps the colors (ecru, beige) throw me they had it in a like, pastel-medium blue or periwinkle for example, I'd be all over that in 0.2 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!