anyone commute by train to work and carry a H

  1. Last nite my bf brought up a good pt: subway and Hermes, not good match! But wut can i do? I live and work in the city. Train is the only transportation. Do I have to wait until I buy a house in the suburb, get a car and then get a H???
  2. I carry my *H* bags on the trains/trams. Okay, this is not NYC, and there are no subways here. But I do recall seeing women in NYC carrying *H* bags on the subway (I don't think they were fakes, either). So, I don't see why not.

  3. ??? depends on where you are i guess.
    i carry my bag on the subway, but it is not a recognizable style. i wouldn't hesitate if it's just a matter of the combo of precious bag and unhygienic transportation, lol. what are your specific concerns? i've been on the subway (metro, tube, etc.) in ny, paris and london and wouldn't hesitate to carry it on those either.
  4. You could get a large Longchamp Les Pliages tote like many recommend for airplane travel to skip your H into when you hit the trains. :smile:
  5. I see them on the bus and subway and I carry mine on as well. No problem!
  6. oh yes, of course, the bus. i always take the bus without a second thought.
  7. I think there's a pic of CBK riding the subway with her big, black Birkin sitting on the floor.......
  8. Depends. I've lived in NYC, Paris, and Wash DC. All have great metro/subway transport. BUT

    I like the Pliage idea. A crowded subway is a good way to scratch your delicate Kelly or cherished Birkin. People going to/from home on workday are very self-absorbed and tired, bumpy and cranky! :push:

  9. I carried mine on the train in nyc with her too. :graucho:
  10. Thx for all ur replies, it erased my concern. Well, I live in Boston and work in dowtown. I cant wait to get my first H as a work bag(casual use as well). I guess Boston is diff from nyc. The most exp bag I see on the subway so far is LV, not many chanels either. But guess wut, I am going to break the traditional:wlae:
  11. honestly, i think this would feel too fussy to do every day. also, what about personal style. if you're going to carry the longchamp, why not just carry the longchamp. if you've got an hermes you want to wear, it's your bag, better to wear it.

    ooo ling0882434 i forgot about boston. i've lived there too. red line, green line, etc. i would feel perfectly safe -- ita about the company your bag will have; quite likely you won't see another kelly or birkin, but perhaps the christine, or a cacahuette:graucho: if we're visiting lol.
  12. i carry my birkin to work, and i take the express bus into boston! no problems carrying it on the red/green lines either. so maybe one day our birkins will have company on public transportation if we see one another :smile:
  13. Here is the famous CBK subway photo...
    CBK Birkin7.jpg
  14. So chic!
  15. I don't commute to work but when I am in Manhattan for errands, etc., which is quite often, I always take the subway if I don't walk. It's not always easy to get a cab and I have no patience for the bus. I always carry my Kelly (even the black box one sometimes) and have never felt uncomfortable. I never put it on the floor.
    I don't think I've ever seen a Kelly or other Hermes on the subway but now I'll keep looking, perhaps I'll spot other tpf'ers...
    I did this on Saturday and the subway was so incredibly crowded, filled with people from the St Patrick's Day parade. My Kelly was still fine.