Anybody like the color castagna??

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  1. Hi I really want a new city regular hardware but there are not many choices in neutral colors!! What do you guys think about castagna? Is it too boring?
  2. I saw it last week at NM, and I thought it was a beautiful brown. Not as dark as 2005 Chocolate Brown, but a little darker than truffle. I liked it.......JMO
  3. I haven't seen in IRL, but I've LOVED the pics! I think someone just bought a castagna day and posted pics on the HGbags thread--gorgeous!
  4. I thought someone had mentioned it was close to '07 Mogano? I nearly wish I'd held off of '09 Chataigne and waited for Castagna instead. Chataigne is also nice, but a bit more red it in than Castagna (from the photos I've seen of Castagna). I think this colour would be a gorgeous neutral.
  5. I've seen Castagna IRl and its stunning, nothing boring about it! It is similiar to 07 Mogano with alot of red in. The leathers I saw were very thick also. I definately will be buying a city Castagna soon!
  6. I saw castagna at NM in the day style. It was beautiful and if you want a neutral I think it is perfect!
  7. I think Castagna is GORGEOUS. I just saw an RH City at Bal London on Tues, and it was so pretty -- the color has alot of depth. Hard to describe, like a swirling of browns together...? The leather was different from a Mogano though - smoother, not as wrinkly as I've seen pics of Mogano...
  8. I am the one who bought the Castagna Day that's in the hgbags thread. It is a stunning brown that is very close to Mogano. I wish I had the two to compare (I had a Step). Erica still has a few styles in this color. The leather is thick, soft and silky. I wore it last night, and it is already getting softer, drapey and more beautiful. I don't think it is boring at all. I also have had Charbon and 05 Choco and had a Chataigne City, and this is my favorite by far.
  9. ^^ I hope you could post some coparison pics of your brown bals for us.Tia.

    I don't know why the price of some brown bals as charbon, castagna, chataigne are cheaper than other colors at some webstores.
  10. Here's a picture of my Mogano, Part Time. When I saw Castagna at NM last week, it was much lighter colored than Mogano, I thought it was closer to could just have been the lighting in the store. Also, the leather wasn't as thick and smooshy as Mogano. was still a beautiful color. If anyone else has a Castagna to compare to Mogano, then maybe it will help the OP :smile:

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  11. 2007 MOGANO, PART TIME........... I think Mogano is much darker than Castagna........maybe someone has a comparison side by side photo to help LISAG

  12. I have this bag, PT and the color is a wonderful neutral. It is very rich and warm. I am thinking of getting another castagna in a different style.:smile:
  13. ^LEFO1..........can you take a picture of it, so we can comare it to Mogano? Do you think the colors are similar?
  14. [​IMG]

    I can't say if this is accurate, as I am using two different pictures from two different Pf'ers and cropping them together.

    On the left is Tillie46's beautiful Mogano Part Time, on the right, cabrrus' fabulous Castagna Day.

    Though I have not seen either color IRL, I think (picture wise) there is a very big similarity.

    What do you think?
  15. Unfortunately, I don't have my other brown BBags any longer, or I would do a comparison shot. I did have a Mogano Step, and, from my memory, they are very close. I also had several truffle bags in the past from 06 and 07, and this color is nothing like truffle from either year. Even if it is slightly different from Mogano, it is still a very beautiful brown to me. And, the Mogano is chevre whereas Castagna is agneau, but the leather is thick on my Day and silky soft. I am thinking about this color in a City later on.