Any TPFers on Twitter?

  1. Thanks lol. I ended up joining just to give it a go, I don't really have anything interesting to say though lol.
  2. Yes, I am mangonocurna on there. I haven't tweeted anything in a couple of weeks, though.
  3. I just signed up for twitter... it's the same thing as facebook's status updates? my id is bisousx :smile:
  4. i have one... but my updates aren't very exciting, lol.
  5. COFFEE SPEW! :roflmfao:

    I have a couple of friends on Twitter and I actually am too but I RARELY post unless one of them is MIA via email and text - I can always find them on Twitter - mostly griping about stuff - venting, I guess? LOL!
  6. I actually don't get the twitter thing...what a waste of time!
  7. :lol: While I am totally with you on the web 2.0 thing in general and have a whole experimental blog and massive word-dump to prove it, Twitter is the least annoying to me.

    I like the kind of stream of consciousness aspect of it, and while I keep my toast preferences very private, as a lady should, I do tweet things I happen to be thinking about, and of course I pimp the experimental blogs.

    Sometimes I think of it as a kind of online puzzle game because as you can imagine, composing 140 character haiku-oids is not really a good fit with my Brevity Impairment...
  8. There was an article on social networking in the NY Times Magazine back in September that gives a pretty nice overview of what social networking is and why people use it. It's geared toward the "over 30" crowd. :lol:

    Here's a VC blog entry that summarizes the article fairly succinctly:

    Full article here: (If the link is too old, Google "Brave New World of Digital Intimacy")

    After reading this, I finally "got it." :yes:

    I've sent these links to many friends and even my boss (who's pushing 50) who don't get it either.

    Back to topic...I'm on Twitter and Facebook but use them for work too so prefer not to disclose my IDs. Sorry....
  9. And here's a link to the wordrant (that really needs to be hosed off, and I will get to it, in the meantime, be gentle) about the Evils of Web 2.0 & Why 1.0 is Bestest:

    The Great Divide: Welcome to the Ghetto
  11. I'm glad this thread popped up - I added a bunch of people on here! Mine is Lanier1, if you get a request from that name (or want to add me). :smile:
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    Hey! I've just got Twitter too. But I don't have a fancy phone so doubt I'll update much - it's just another way of procrastinating :p
    Add me if you know me ;)
  13. peach_ is mine! I'm addicted.
  14. I am on -- shopaholicious :yahoo:
  15. is anyone attending Twestival?