Any Serious Art Collectors?

  1. I'd love to learn more about collecting art, both for fun and as an investment. I was just wondering if anyone on TPF collected art. I'd eventually love to get a Ross Bleckner painting and a Marylin Minter photo/painting!
  2. Well, yes, we do have a small art collection. I'm not an expert at all, but over the years we have purchased a few things that to us are pretty special. I have several ballerina oil paintings by a Russian artist and two large beautiful landscape oil paintings, one by a local artist. After Christmas we bought another landscape painting and I am waiting impatiently for it to be framed. The gallery should be calling any day.

    Oh, I almost forgot... our family room is an entirely different style of decor than the rest of the house and the first pieces of art that I bought are proudly hung there. They are Haitian oil paintings! All these years I still sit and stare at them.

    This is a fun topic!
  3. We used to be just focused on collecting one style of oils but have sold a number of pieces & are now collecting a wider variety of styles. I love mixing modern with old now. Love the look!
    Timing the market for investment is tough to do. Collect what you love & you'll never go wrong.
  4. I collect Louis Icart.. just love them and that era:yes:
  5. I wish I had the room in my house to hang more original art! We have quite a few friends who are artists (I dabble as well) so most of our artwork is theirs/mine. We have tons of books on the artists we like and until we hit the lottery, that is as far as it goes for now.
  6. That is so true. Actually, that's the only reason we buy art...just because we like it.
  7. I collect art by lesser known dutch artists, I only buy art that I totally fall in love with... I have some great pieces hanging up in my appartment.
  8. I collect Terry Redlin...I'm from the midwest..he's very popular here...
  9. No one knows how to paint florals like Dutch artists!
  10. A few years ago, my bro and I bought a painting costing about US$70 equivalent - that's the only painting I've ever bought :smile: If I had money, I'd buy art that I like.

    First a disclaimer: I don't own Etsy nor am I related to any of the people who run it. There are some superb artists on Etsy, please check them out for yourselves, feel free to disagree, though :smile:

    Etsy :: Etsy Painters! What's your favorite painting in someone else's shop?

    Thoughts on this, please?

    Etsy :: The Offering Original Mixed Media Encaustic Painting

    Etsy :: Reincarnation Original Mixed Media Collage Painting

    Etsy :: Silent Requeim

    Etsy :: Original acrylic painting of a blue bowl with interesting fruit
  11. My inlaws were in the Sante Fe area in the 70's on vacation and bought some original paintings and oil pastels from a relatively obscure artist at the time. His name was RC Gorman. Needless to say those pictures are worth much, much more than when they purchased them.

    Whenver we go on vacation I like to check out the local artists and if something strikes me I will buy it. I have a nice little collection now and some have appreciated in value as the artist has become more well known. To me it is more about the beauty of the art rather than the price.

    Also, my taste in decorating is along French Country design but I like to mix it up with art. Many people (including designers) have complimented me on how the art really adds interest to the room. So don't buy a painting because you think it "will go" with your design scheme. If you like it - buy it and find a place where it will work. Bathrooms are also fun ways to showcase unusual art in a small space.
  12. I actually collect pottery instead of paintings and such :smile:

    I love any type of pottery, preferably folk art or indie artist items (anything from bowls to vases, decorative pieces, etc.). I have an obsession with ugly jugs!! I will probably be collecting them forever, because I have loved the them since I was 10 years old :yes: Yes I know it's weird :p

    Example of what an Ugly (face) Jug is:
  13. this is a great site! thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh yes, as the daughter of an illustrator we grew up with drawings, paintings and sculpture. I really think art appreciation is a dying thing, I was so glad to see this thread. Right now I am looking at one of my father's oils, a a beautful giant eggplant on a mustardy background, that is here in the kitchen, and there is at least one piece of some type of art on every wall!
  15. haha- not at all! Unless you consider a couple framed prints from Target "serious" :roflmfao: Though I'd love to have some beautiful, original paintings, I can barely support my bag habit, much less an art collection!