Any love fossil?

  1. I have two vintage Fossil purses - when I need something quick and convenient - I grab one of those!
  2. I just got this one today and so far I love it.

  3. What a great looking bag, Mothbeast, and it seems like a "comfortable" purse. Some look so fun to use and carry. This one looks like one of those! I know you'll enjoy it. I love Fossil.
  4. Fossil was always my go-to bag before I got into designer bags. I have been away from them for about 5 years now. But with the Vintage Reissue collection, I am back in a big way!

    A lot of people are comparing & contrasting to Coach. I have a lot of Coach bags that I LOVE, but I don't like most Coach bags these days. I like the ones that are plainer leather with clean lines. I don't like blingy busy bags. (well except for my Tokidokis which are very busy... but that's a whole other story).

    So yes, a definite thumbs up for Fossil.
  5. Some of you brought up the made for factory outlet coach purses. I sometimes like them more than the full price boutique bags. The leather is thinner and easier to clean, more scratch resistant and best of all, they weigh a lot less! I've had no issues with the quality of the outlet leather.
  6. I have seen some pretty bags but the leather they use is so prone to scuffs and the bags can be heavy
  7. I have loved Fossil bags for a long time...great quality and practical but also, they make so any good looking bags! I ave quite a few as well as Fossil 54 bags.
  8. me loves Fossil. I have 2 bags from them, a maddox flap cossbody and patchwork satchel, got them from macys sale, too bad I couldn't get the wallet because they are sold out. The leather is nice and it can stand my abuse =b
  9. The leather can be prone to scuffs, but it is SO soft... I actually think the leather bags are pretty light.
  10. I love Fossil! Especially the Fossil outlet. I got a flamingo pink Monika crossbody for my vacation last spring at the outlet for $40! And at Christmastime, I got a large leather aqua Hathaway tote for $45 at the outlet.

    They are both holding up beautifully, even though I don't wear them as often as I should.
  11. And how could I forget my Fossil Straw Hathaway tote with hot pink crochet trim? I got it at Bon Ton for just $21!

    I haven't used it yet. I seriously prefer leather, but there's something about a clearance deal that I can't resist. It might become an end-of-year Teacher's Gift for my DD's Kindy teacher. :smile:
  12. I owned two of those totes. Weekend travel totes... one in brown/leopard and the other in red which I took back. Those bags are very well made.
  13. anyone have a fossil wallet? how do they hold up???
  14. They are well-made bags for a decent price. I love them. Interestingly, I receive just as many compliments on my Fossil bag as I do from my high end bags (LV, Gucci, etc). Something about that vintage look draws people in.
  15. I agree with Surelyfunke, Fossil deserves its own subforum. I think they are stylish durable and well made. :smile: