Any Celine Purchases You Regret?

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  1. This thread is for Celine purchases you regret.. Be it an into-the-moment quick purchase that let you down or something that you saved up for and totally disappointed you..

    Be it Bags, RTW, SLGs, Shoes, any Celine Merchandise

    Sound off!
  2. Celine mini tri colors luggages. Too big for me... And in fact I didn't like the Tri colors, but still bought it because I was worried someone else take it and I will regret. I ended up sell it for low price and loosing my money.
  3. Coquelicot Nano - Too small for my needs and didn't get to wear her much as I prefer neutral bags.

    Taupe Phantom - Love the Phantom style, but not the light colour. Got denim transfer on it a few times. Thankfully, I was able to remove most of it.
  4. Really? with the prices of Celine going up, you can almost make money from it.

    I bought my mini at just mere USD1,200 like 3 years ago and now for the same thing, they are selling it for like what? USD1,900? I sold that bag at the same price I bought it actually
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  5. My colourful little collection of Trios - Red, Orange & Hibiscus!
    All at least 18 months old, all unworn. I should have known (myself) better and bought black, navy, burgundy. . .
    And too many pairs of shoes :rolleyes:
  6. My Large Trio- strap broke but was fixed(glued) by Celine and now I'm scared to use it.
  7. Large Trio: strap broke off after less than one month. Took it back and got store credit.
    Pony Box: impulse purchase before realizing that pony is fragile and hair rubs off. Sold for a bit more than I paid.
    Oversized Trio: my first Celine. Sat unused for 2 months before I finally sold it. Beautiful bag, just too conservative for me.
    I'm starting to regret my yellow horizontal cabas too. Out of nowhere the bag got a gouged area right in the front center where the gray lamb skin shows through and looks awful. Pretty much ruins the bag :sad:
  8. My Trapeze - Realized its not the style for me.

    Burgundy Trio - Doesnt have a lot of day to night versatility.
  9. Nano and Trapeze.
    Nano TOOOOOO small and Trapeze, i was afraid the handle would break. Both bags did nothing for me.
  10. The Trio - didn't like the way it bulged when you put your stuff in it. I also sold my ring bag, because the leather was to fragile and I didn't like the way they openend. And I think everybody gonna think I'm nuts, but I also sold my black Box. Every time I used it I felt like I was abusing it. it felt so fragile. I still have one with pony hair, which I adore and do not baby at all. Crazy right?
    Plus the Phantom luggage in leather is not as handy as I thought. I like the bags made from fabric better, but every time I think we should part, I just fall in love again with the design and colours (I got one midnight blue with apple green stitching). Plus they look cute together :biggrin::angel:
    And I'm thinking of parting with my edge. I loved it when I got it, but it feels too ladylike for me.
    But overall I just love my Celine bags. Even when I'm not using them, just looking at them makes me happy :heart: #crazybaglady
  11. May i ask what was the issue for the way the Ring Bag opens?

    For me the only regret was getting the Ring Bag in Medium and in indigo drummed leather. First it's too heavy to carry, and the colour is a bit too bright for my liking. Also i tend to prefer smooth leather...
  12. The leather was very tough which made it very hard to get easily in the bag plus it scratched every time I tried. Probably with the grained this is less an issue, since it is more supple (is that a word?)
  13. The only regret(s) for me would be the bags I've purchased in Drummed Calfskin. Through trial and error, I'm glad I figured out early on that I'm more of a Natural Calfskin kind of girl when it comes to Celine. I love some bags in Smooth Calfskin and Lambskin also!
  15. Well Celine calls some of their leather "supple calfskin" so not only is a word but a true product! Lol