Any Canadian bought from BH Miu Miu?? custom question

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  1. Has anyone bought from the BH Miu miu??? How much does custom usually come up?? Are only GST/PST charged??????
  2. Hey there,

    I bought my bag at a Saks store in Florida around July of last year. Let me give you the breakdown of my costs:
    So the bag was $1195. Shipping cost was $35 flat fee. The customs cost was $83, GST $63, PST $101.

    I needed this bag, and at the time the bow bag was nowhere in sight in Canada. Soo I just had to get it this way. I'm not too sure if its available in Canada now. I have seen one at Holts at bloor st at one point. But then again Holts doesn't really go out of their way to help you get the bag you want...

    Hope this info helps

  3. Thanks - did saks ship thru UPS or Fedex?

    oh btw, Miu Miu will only be carried at their boutiques now, so Holts/Saks/NM will no longer carry them.............. :cursing:

    PS: LOVE YOUR BOW!!! I think that will be the next one I want to get!
  4. Oh really! I didn't know that.
    But yes Saks did ship it through FedEx.
    Good luck finding your bow. I hope it wont be too difficult.

  5. I didn't buy from SAKS, but I did buy an Alexander Mcqueen bag from the US a month back. If it's possible, ask them to ship through USPS. It'll save you a lot in customs. My bag was ~$690 US, and I only had to pay $40 in customs because I went through USPS. They have an agreement with Canada Post to handle each other's mail :smile:
  6. I've bought from bh miumiu.. Got ringed with duties and tax.. Around 200 for an 800 bag
  7. Hi Ladies - thank you for your response... I have done some research and found a little trick to avoid the high brokerage feed at UPS/Fedex:

    Here is a link to it (look to the bottom of article):

    I know it is a bit of work - but it is kinda worth it for a $1000 bag, which will end up with $80 of Brokerage fee alone!

    I think I am going to try this when I purchase from BH Miu Miu.... and let you know how would that go....