Any Bvlgari / Bulgari wearers out there?

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  1. Gorgeous !
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  2. I use mine as a tiny, grab and go clutch. It fits cards and my car key perfectly.

    The metallic blue is gorgeous and congrats on your other bag!
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  3. Thank you for the quick response! In that case, I definitely think it would suit me.. love the idea of grabbing this piece/my phone, and be out the door!
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  4. 73A45D27-474A-46D2-BF2C-01C84C7A63B6.jpeg

    My second Bulgari bag.. loooove :heart:
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  6. haha nope I agree, I called it my bad b***h bag :coolio:
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  7. Anyone bought bvlgari from the online boutique ? I placed my order 2 days ago. It says it is in stock, and these items should be shipped the same day if the order is placed a before 12pm. However it has been 2 days. I have called them and they say it will be process today or tomorrow. Well nothing happened so hopefully tomorrow.

    Do you guys have any experience with their online boutique ?
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  8. Hello everyone, I have received my parcel from Bvlgari yesterday .
    now I can answer my own question and give a review to anyone who wants to order from the Bvlgari Australia online boutique.

    I placed my order on Monday before midday. According to the website, I should receive shipping info on the same day if I place order before 12pm. By the end of Tuesday I kind of panicked because no tracking information was sent to me as promised on the website. So, I called them and private chat with the Bvlgari customer service. They are very lovely people and patiently answer my questions. However, there is no tracking information after 1 day, no email to explain the delay after the 1st call. I called them again and they say is all good don’t be worried they definitely got it shipped out to me. By Thursday morning my parcel arrived.

    Everything is in perfect condition. A few layers of wrappers and boxes to protect the the items I have purchased. Opened it up, smells like flowers and roses. I think they have sprayed some amazing perfume while packing the parcel.

    I opened up the box and looked at the items I have purchased , it is just perfection. I am very glad Bvlgari offered online boutique in Australia. the whole process and experience in my opinion is good :biggrin:
  9. Received my toy serpenti forever bag in patent royal sapphire. Bvlgari does not skimp on the details even for this micro version!

    Count of 14 ‘Bvlgari’ logos throughout. The same enamel/malachite materials used for the snake head closure. Same silky light gold ‘snake body’ chain. It is detachable one one side- so it can be worn as a top handle or wristlet.

    Also can be hung onto another bag as a bag charm- but I would advice against this as the patent leathers may color transfer permanently. Photo example was just for posterity :biggrin:

    I recently realized that the layers of leather comprising the bag are actually meant to represent the scales of the snake.

    The thought this house puts into their serpenti forever bag is unmatched!

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  10. Very nice item(s). Please forgive me in advance...Hands down... Bulgari makes the sexiest jewelry and handbags on the planet ! I love the movie 'Casino' where Robert Deniro's character, Sam 'Ace' Rothstein gave Sharon Stone's character Ginger McKenna a trunk full of Bulgari jewelry.
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  11. Oh, I completely agree! Sexy is the appropriate word!
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  12. Great... for I'm just a soul who's intentions are good... oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood ! (a song from the group by Santa Esmeralda back in the 70'). I own a few pieces from Bulgari and they don't skimp on signage. I usually play a game of finding all the places Bvlgari is printed on each of my items I own. My Bulgari Diagano rubber and 18k yellow gold watch alone has at least 11 places where it says Bvlgari and I am sure if I open up the watch, the mechanisms will probably have it another 11 times and no one can see that but the Bulgari repair department. lol
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  13. Oh my gosh, I love to play the counting logos game! Especially with this fashion house. They do it right! I’m sure your watch is exquisite.

    As an aside, I also have such fun finding serial codes, hidden tags, and obscure compartments (in all bags). As much as I love the exterior of luxury bags, I’m endlessly fascinated by the interiors. There’s such an air of mystery. A private home to house your cherished items.
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  14. Sorry- my reply is below!
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    Oh my GOD, I do the very same thing. I always love the even stitch count, and the detailing on the interior of a bag. Like a great piece of luxury clothing... the lining and interior are superior. You can turn your item inside out and wear it that way... it's just made that well. I love when an item have serial numbers and certificate papers. I love the in store experience to get the box, tissue paper, dust bag, ribbon, note card, certificate papers and certificate holder, paper shopping bag and store receipt in the hard paper folder or receipt printed on letter head in the envelope from said luxury house... and the free and flowing champagne and cookies or chocolate. I am totally obsessed with luxury accessories for my luxury bags like, long wallet, change pouch, writing instruments, key chain and business card holder(s). It troubles me when I see an elegant woman with a nice bag, but keeps it junky and have horrible accessories with pen marks on the lining. Makes me think that their bag is fake. I am a dude and I love keeping my portfolio or tote bag clean and pristine, inside and out. I love spending time at Bulgari, Gucci, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Hermes and Graff in NYC for the entire experience.