Any Bvlgari / Bulgari wearers out there?

  1. Whether it is rings, necklaces or watches i am interested if you own Bvlgari pieces and what you think of them :yes:
  2. Hi i have 4 pieces from Bulgari...
    Yellow Gold bulgari bulgari tubogas watch
    Steel watch with leather strap
    Steel and yellow gold bracelet
    Chandra ring (discontinued line) with pink and green tourmaline
  3. hi there. I have a couple of pieces.

    bzero1 white gold 4 band ring

    bvlgari bvlgari pendant, steel/onyx one side and yellow gold/mother of pearl the other side.

    I love love love bvlgari. there are so many pieces i want, i dream bvlgari!
  4. I don't own any as yet (no boutique or authorised sellers here :crybaby:) but I love Bvlgari pieces. I really like the new Asioma D watch - oh my yes!!
  5. I have the Parentesi pendant in white gold. I love it!
  6. I have a limited edition Diagono (women's) which I love but almost never wear. I am constantly choosing my Cartier over this one. Haven't bought any jewelry from them since where I live, if you can spend that much on jewelry, you can have it custom made and it even comes out cheaper:smile:
  7. I have the white gold ring with the writing around the edge (sorry, im rubbish at remembering the names!!!) but it is gorgeous :biggrin:
  8. Sounds like the B-zero range which is a really popular line :tup:
  9. I wish I did. I've seen some lovely pieces in advertisements.
  10. I only have the Bvlgari B.Zero1 White Gold 4 Band Ring & B.Zero1 Yellow Gold Pendant.
    I find that their designs have less details, their shapes and lines are 'cleaner' and hence more versatile to mix and match.
  11. I have the Bvlgari Bvlgari watch in all steel.
  12. i love the parentesi collection. have the bracelet in leather straps, the ring and pendant. all in yellow gold. :smile:
  13. Reviving this thread I'm so obsessed with the Bulgari Bulgari gold tubogas watch or the gold bracelet, anyone else?
  14. I like Bvlgari, I used to have a watch. I really would like a long icon necklace from the Parentesi collection one day.
  15. I love Bvlgari! Have a wg Bzero1 pendant, a three tone Bzero1 yg bracelet. Hoping to buy a matching wg 4 band Bzero1 ring while on vacation (not til the end of the yr) to avoid paying taxes, the boutique is always sold out of my size.