Any Bvlgari / Bulgari wearers out there?

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  1. Both... everyday is different, so how about every other day... daily wear. every three days wear, every four days wear, every week wear... etc.
  2. Bwahahaha! Both of you are not really helpful :biggrin: :lol:

    Actually I went to try them on today, and the Serpenti earrings were really overwhelming on me, so they are out. I did find that the Diva's dream earrings looked really lovely. There were some nice pendants too. Will be a tough choice between the Bulgari and VCA, will think on it some more.

    diva collection2.jpg diva2.jpg pave_alhambra2.jpg
  3. Trying on is everytime a good choice :smile:

    wow, the Diva's Dream earrings look really great on you! They are wonderful!

    Which earrings make your heart sing a bit more at first sight?
  4. I know, right ?
  5. VCA all the way.
    The Bvlgari reminds me of vintage italian jewelry. That's not a bad thing necessarily, as I do like the Diva's dream collection as well. However, my first love are those VCA earrings!
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  6. Thanks! I never really considered Diva’s dream before, yes, trying on definitely helps clarify things! I realized that neither pair is really suited for everyday for me, which generally consists of going to the gym and then straight to work. Think I will look for a lighter/smaller pair of stud earrings like VCA mini Frivole or Tiffany Paper Flowers, and then plan on investing in something more blingy altogether to look forward to for weekends :graucho:
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  7. I’m a white metal gal usually... got the anniversary save the children necklace which I love. It came with a nice size sample of delicious smelling perfume ❤️
    48B8678D-CBA6-4D69-B540-C89F33962006.jpeg F81DFC40-1A0B-4EAD-9A1B-32B010FD3E10.jpeg
  8. 5D91D46F-85FA-4F1D-B0B8-F94C5FA90156.jpeg
    Tried this Bvlgari Bvlgari bracelet, but the jewelry store has the price jacked up. So I’m going to go to the city where there is a Bvlgari boutique this weekend. But also considering VCA, hence the trip to the city.
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  9. If you are talking about New York City, when going to VCA, ask for Yvan, he's awesome. Tell him that "J!m" sent ya !
  10. Aww sweetie, I’m from the Bay Area so I meant San Francisco. But thanks though!
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  11. LOL... my apologies... I have to realize that New York City is NOT the only city in the world. Hope you find the Bulgari or VCA piece that you want... better yet... I hope it finds you.
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  12. Just bought last week and this colour of Diva's Dream is discontinue and last pics I bought from the store.:biggrin:

    Attached Files:

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  13. I don’t have any pieces from Bvulgari yet; I collect VCA and Cartier, but the beauty and price point of Bvlgari is attracting me. All of the gorgeous discontinued colors of the other brands are available from Bvlgari!
    Does anyone have the diva’s dream diamond bracelet? It is so pretty, but my store does not have it to try on. Does the motif on the diva’s dream bracelet flip a lot and is that irritating?
    I love the turquoise and lapis options as well, but I was thinking that there would be less wear and tear on pave compared to softer stones.
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