Any Black Jumbo Flap available? HELP!

  1. Hey all! I need help! I am trying to buy a black jumbo flap with silver hardware before the price increase. Does anyone know of any store who has the bag available? Would appreciate if you can reply to me or send me a PM. Thanks so much!!!!
  2. My Saks had one Friday. Call my SA, Delyse. She's very nice. Her number is 248-808-0712. Please tell her April referred you.:smile:
  3. oh thank you! thank you! I will call her later!
  4. Chanel @ south Coast plaza has the jumbo in patent leather, I just picked mine up last week and as of Thursday there was still 3 available in black patent leather- $2395 and the tax is 7.75 % ask for Marie 714 754 7455
  5. Charlotte NM had one 704-442-7900 ask for Natasha.
  6. As of late last week...the Neimans in Mclean had one ..703-761-1600 ext..3032 and the Chanel boutique had one black patent 703-847-0555....I hope this helps...and Happy bag hunting...
  7. Chanel Ala Moana had the jumbo in black caviar with silver h/w.

  8. Try calling Chanel Customer Service in the US: +1-800-550-0005. They should be able to track down the bag for you.
  9. Bloomies Chestnut Hill has them all.
  10. I tried on the black with silver and black patent yesterday at Chanel in Boston.
  11. how is the black patent jumbo flap in real life? i'm debating beween the caviar leather and the patent in navy color but since it's so hard to find, i am considering black patent. which one looks nicer? after checking the old caviar leather vs.the new caviar thread, i'm more confused.
  12. The navy is very nice, but really hard to does show the quilted detail and really is rich in color.... I just picked up the black patent about a week or so ago and love it...if you wear black alot gotta get the black... I love the bag and I definetly think it is worth it.....hope you can grab it before the price increase
  13. wow! I cant believe TPfers...!! you guys are a great help to all, if I need a bag someday after my purseban -- you guys will be the most reliable and fastest source.
  14. thank you so much, mskitty. i am still calling around.:biggrin:
  15. NM in San Francisco has quite a few. Their number is 415-362-3900. The Chanel boutique in SF also had some, including the jumbo patent leather flap.