Any Belly Dancers Out There???!!!

  1. I never have, but I've always thought about taking classes.
  2. I loooooooooove belly dancing!!!!! I have some instructional videos lol. I like to incorporate some into my dance moves, but I really need to take a class! I would love to be better at it. It is mesmerizing to watch.
  3. I like to think that I do when I'm checking out my moves in the mirror. :shame: hehe.
  4. My niece and I have been talking about taking classes, but we haven't found any that fit our schedules.
  5. My sister and I took belly dancing classes last year--only for one semester. I think we did so well! It was so much fun, and it's such a great workout!!!
  6. I love belly dancing.

    My future mother in law and sisters in law crank the music and bust out our moves in their living room after dinner once in a while (they're from Iran). They've taught me a lot, I love it!!!
  7. I saw the local community college is offering it. I want to sign up. Surely I'll make a fool of myself but it seems like a nice little move to have in your bag of
  8. Aw cute! My mom and I took classes, but I'm still no-good. (And I'm half Persian myself LOL).
  9. lol, how fun!

    I've found my ballet background help a lot, but the one thing I just can't do is shake my hips super fast like they do. They said to keep practicing and it will come but I don't believe them. ;)
  10. its on my "to do" list.