Any Annie Faivre for Spring 2008?

  1. I'm nuts over Annie Faivre's scarf designs for Hermes and was wondering if she has done one for the upcoming 2008 Spring collection?
  2. I heard a re-issue of Recontre Oceane was in the works, but have yet to hear anything on the matter.
  3. I read that there is at least one, possibly two new AF designs. At least one DEFINITELY
  4. I'd be thrilled along with lots of other Hermes scarf lovers I suspect!!! Hope it's true.
  5. Super! :yahoo:Any details, Seton?
  6. I would be over the moon with RO too. When do the S/S scarves start to appear in stores?
  7. My SA told me late November or the beginning of December, but she said some boutiques may not put them out until after Christmas. Anybody else get different info?
  8. ^^^I've noticed my store gets stuff coming in around that time.
  9. all i know is that it's busy ;) I have seen no visuals

    Regarding when the spring scarves arrives, some years it has arrived as early as around Thanksgiving. Some years as late as Feb
  10. Well, I'm told the theme for Spring '08 is India and all the Indian themed scarves Hermes has issued previously have been quite "busy". Could it be one of those?

    Or, if there is a reissue of her Rencontre Oceane, well, that's a "busy" one too.

    The suspense is killing me!!!
  11. Oooh, end of Nov/beginning of Dec would be fantastic! Thanks ladies.
  12. well I was talking specifically about the new designs for 2008 but you are right, pretty much all the Indian designs are "busy"

    I read that one of the new ones look like "Torana" . . . .which is an Anne Faivre design so this may be the AF I am thinking of. I heard that another looks like "Legends de Arbre" which is, again, another AF design.
  13. Oh, if we could only see photos of the new '08 collection!!!
  14. I love Annie Faivre's designs. I wish I could see photos too!
  15. I'm told that the new season's scarf collection is 'strong' meaning strong in colour and strong in design content. As I haven't been struck with the demon commanding me to buy a scarf for the last two seasons I can see next season bankrupting me but I would not expect the spring season scarves to hit the stores in the UK until February when all us Brits yearn for spring.