Any advice for croc wallet?

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  1. Appears this is back in the LV forum...
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  2. Eventually I do want to own a crocodile wallet. But I'd go Hermes, rather than Louis Vuitton. This is what I've been drooling after for the past few years. I wouldn't care about wear and tear because at that price level, people who own it, don't really care. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: kelly-classic-wallet--051306CKJ5-front-1-300-0-579-579_b.jpg kelly-classic-wallet--051306CKJ5-above-2-300-0-579-579_b.jpg
  3. I noticed my thread from H was moved to LV forum. This is now a duplicate thread. Could a mod please merge them? Thank you.
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  4. This is a beauty!
  5. I have just bought my first exotic Alligator piece and not used it yet so can't comment on durabilty etc, but I didnt purchase this as an everyday purse :smile: just fell in love with the colour and cute little lock on the zipper pull :heart:
    This will probably be the only exotic piece in my collection for a while and my daughter is already talking about when I pass it down to her lol !
    I will add if you are seriously thinking about purchasing a croc/alligator piece be aware that it can take quite awhile from placing your order - mine took 6 months :eek:

    IMG_8855.JPG IMG_8853.JPG
  6. Wow this is so pretty. No idea it took so long. Good to know. Did you need to place a deposit or pay in full up front?
  7. Paid in full at time of placing the order
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  8. If you paid 6 months before receiving it, you would have been out of luck if you had to needed to dispute the purchase. I don't think I could take that risk.
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  9. OMG, both of the above, they just had me at the LOCK at the zipper pull! I’m screwed!
    Too cute for words! :whut:
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  10. My LV wasn’t a special order—it was in the store, so I paid and took it home.
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  11. Stunning. But the way you open/close the wallet with those two pieces on the sides would drive me NUTS
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  12. I really wouldn’t bother with a exotic slg if you feel you have to baby it. I know my sister puts her croc/ alligator bearn wallet in a pouch when she puts her wallet in her handbag to prevent any possible scratches. For me, I prefer just to put my croc/ alligator clic wallet directly into my bag. I don’t want to have to open a pouch to get my wallet out.... too many steps!

    At the end of the day, these are just fancy wallets and yes you can maintain it looking new by carefully using it. For me though, to baby it that much will take the joy out of everyday usage. Just my 2 cents. :biggrin: