Any advice for croc wallet?

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  1. My thought too... I would not buy anything in crocodile or alligator as it’s a very very bad environmental choice. In any case the wallet shown was LV and a bit confused why it’s here..:hrmm:
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  2. She’s asking if crocodile wallets are worth it and since Hermès is so famous for their exotic wallets and goods in general, she probably figured she would get a lot (or the most?) of responses here. I would think the opinion of someone who owns an Hermès, Vuitton or other high end exotic wallet is just as valuable as the other.

    I guess to stay on topic people should share their experience related to owning H wallets and not other brands.
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  3. I’m sorry for the confusion. I originally posted in LV and BV but wasn’t getting very much response after several days so I thought I would ask in H bc I believe there would be more people with exotic wallets that could share their experience with one.
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  4. Sounds amazing! But I agree, you were right to hold off for perfection.....l until you make the marks.
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  5. Thank you for chiming in with your experience. Black matte sounds beautiful. I love matte finishes over the polished and I’m happy to hear it wears better. Wish this green one was matte. Sigh...
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  6. Good to know that matte holds up better in your experience regardless of brand. Something for me to definitely consider as this one I’m debating is shiny. Thank you!
  7. Yes...thank you!
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  8. I did see a swatch for the new color cactus the other day. If H offered a matte wallet in this color that could be extremely tempting! My pictures don’t do it justice. 6F7C1340-5E53-4AAD-AA81-56BE11C4664D.jpeg 7DD5066B-DD0B-49F6-99FB-E49CEC2137BB.jpeg
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  9. You’re very welcome. I also do weddings, birthday parties and corporate events :biggrin:
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  10. I do know they make cactus matte alligator. Remember the Roulis I stupidly declined?
  11. Omg
    That’s right! It was stunning. I just saw one on a resale site. I’ll keep my eyes open for one.
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  12. One thing you may want to note is the use of the term matte, in terms of alligator/crocodile leather you will find it referring to two materials. The first is the natural tanned leather, not polished with agate which requires more conditioner but is much more resistant to scratches. The second is nubuck leather with is finely sanded to a near suede feel. It is a very expensive process and is rare in big designer brands. This method is more common in menswear but just something to consider if anyone is looking at other products than the ones featured in this thread.
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  13. My personal experience is that nubuck is the hardest to maintain.
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  14. I would completely agree, it’s incredibly beautiful and not something typically seem but you have to be willing to baby it if one is able to find it. It can’t be protected with waxes or creams which further adds to how much it needs to be protected. It needs to be brushed with a nubuck stone if it’s dirtied or gets scratched etc. Sort of the opposite of most suede/nubuck skins which are often considered almost wear resistant (ex. Nubuck Deerskin).
  15. You have so much valuable information! This is why I chose this forum to post.....I have so much to learn. Thank you.
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