Any advice for croc wallet?

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  1. D78F6015-B2D7-43C2-9F85-A0CCC30C1ADB.png I am considering my first exotic purchase and this zippy wallet in emerald green is gorgeous to me. Any one with experience using an exotic wallet that could speak to wear and tear. Any pictures would be wonderful as well. TIA
  2. I have a compact Vivienne that's about three years old now. I don't use it often, but when I bought it I honestly wasn't as careful a handbag lover as I am now, and it still looks great. The Vivienne obv has some prominent hardware, and that shows more wear than the skin itself.

    A couple things:
    • The glossy finish can show some faint smudges from fingerprints, and I find that harder to wipe off on skins
    • If you would for some reason travel internationally with your exotic wallet, my SA recommended carrying the CITES paperwork to show the sourcing for the skins
    • I have no idea why, but the hardware on my Vivienne is way more prone to tarnish in storage than any of my usual pieces. Not sure if that's a function of it being paired with an exotic skin or something else altogether. It shines up really well/easily, so that's not a concern, but if I haven't worn it for a while, I can't necessarily just grab it and go.

    I love my wallet and don't regret getting it ... but if I had to do it over again, I'd have saved up a little more and just gotten an exotic bag.
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  3. Thank you very much for your response. I hadn’t thought about fingerprints, which does bug me so that’s a consideration. I will consider waiting for a bag as well. You’ve given me some food for thought. Thanks again.
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  4. Good luck with your decision!
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  5. i posted in the BV and LV forums a few days ago, bc the two I’m considering are from those lines but I think there may be more experience with croc wallets here. I’m IN LUST over the green from LV. My concern is how it will hold up. I would be using it frequently, if not daily, and for many many years. I have seen very beautiful matte croc Béarn wallets from H online as well but I already have one in Barenia that frankly I don’t use bc I currently use a small zippy Barenia wallet. (This was to tie this thread into this forum). Any advice about wear or use would be appreciated. Pictures would be awesome!

    I know that some may say to spend money instead on a croc bag but I don’t see myself doing that in the near future. This is my comfort level for now. TIA!

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  6. I don’t have any experience with it, but have you tried searching for used ones to see how they age?
  7. You know I haven’t! I spend hours searching for everything else but that did not occur to me......said seriously not sarcastically. :biggrin:
    Thanks! I will do that!
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  8. That green is gorgeous!
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  9. I would personally have a hard time with a croc wallet - it's so hard to baby a wallet unless you dedicate a pocket in your bag. And even then, so much handling.
    In an almost cash-free society I find full-sized wallets not that useful anyway...a Calvi is enough.
  10. You’re very welcome and I’m team green as well! :biggrin:
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  11. Ok so I did a quick search and the ones I saw looked pretty good. What of course there is no way to know is how much and how long they were used.
  12. Thank you. It’s really gotten under my skin and in my head.
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  13. Oh my, that green croc zip is exquisite.
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  14. *let the enabling begin* :giggle:
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  15. I'm loathe to burst your bubble but you asked so here goes. I have more-than-I'll-ever-need reptilian wallets. They are from multiple high-end brands. From my 25+ years of experience, I'd suggest you consider this before buying: They ALL need some level of coddling, as your hands will be all over them. I handle mine more gingerly than my croc bags since the bag handles are the only part that bear the brunt of my constantly-lotioned hands. Also, Hermes hands-down, bar none, makes the best, most durable alligator/croc wallets. BV comes in second but only if you choose matte. Their lisse wallets lose their lustre surprisingly fast. Their matte wallets (and clutches) are very durable. The others brands I own are not worth mentioning as they are sub-par in both durability and quality. I will say the WORST offender was I brand that rhymes with "nada." LOL! Bought a lisse, noir wallet at their Roman Boutique. It was scratched, scuffed, dulling and falling apart within 4 months! Never again with that brand!
    One caveat: I rotate my wallets frequently (every month). The fact the some degrade as quickly as they do is surprising.