Any advice for croc wallet?

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  1. I have several croc and non croc SLG. the croc ones are meant for special occasions and even travel, so they are def not everyday use. But if you really want it and can afford it, think of it this way. You only live once and if you want a croc wallet in your life, just do it. And if it turns out to be a mistake and not fit your lifestyle, at least you've tried, enjoyed, and learned a lesson about what you need and dont need.
  2. Back in the day my mother and grandmother both had hand held crocodile purses and they seemed to last forever. Crocodile is a tough skin. If I won the lottery, that green croc wallet would be in my cart today!
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  3. My dad has a croc wallet (not a big lux brand), and it has worn super well.
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  4. Sorry.....I’m in the same boat....wish I had never seen it..........keep me company
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  5. Thanks everyone that has helped out so far. I really appreciate the input. Lots of good point both for and against. I’m not ready to pull the trigger yet but this will give some thought to chew on. Meanwhile, it’s not as gorgeous as this croc, but I saw a swatch of the new color cactus today in the boutique and I loved it! Hoping to see it on a jige or Pico or wallet soon.
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  6. I would highly recommend alligator wallets. I bought a special order wallet from Jean Rousseau after a tpfer recommended the brand since I was too scared of using my Hermes alligator bearn. Still lots of compliments and you can choose from various leathers and colours. Not an ad. Just a fan.

    It's been on continuous use for 4 years now. Lots of scuffs, spilt curry on/in it (I corn floured it), needs a spa (which they'll do free) and a new pull ( which they'll do free). Sounds like an ad? :biggrin:
    :nuts: chevre inside
    DSC_2017.JPG DSC_2018.JPG
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  7. This is gorgeous! Looks to be in great shape too. Thanks so much for sharing it. I will definitely check this brand out.
  8. I cannot speak too much about women's wallets (at least stylistically) as I am a man, but I do have a pair of crocodile leather oxfords and they're very durable. The leather is also very stunning in person, you never have to worry about someone not noticing it. All of these people who say you have to baby the leather are incorrect, this false knowledge likely stems from the fact that about 50 years ago the tanning process for crocodile and alligator leathers shifted somewhat. The older tannages of leather were dry, would crack between the scales and overall would be very fragile. Now the leather is widely considered more durable than calf leather, is very flexible and is long-lasting. I do leatherworking as a hobby and so I have all of the reptile leather conditioners and cleaners and while I use them about once a month on my shoes (Hermes niloticus leather) you would not need to do that with either of those wallets as they are what known as agate polished (using agate stone), they have that gloss which is very unnatural but many believe very beautiful as well. You may want to check what species of crocodile is used on the wallets as quality varies drastically, Caiman (which are technically closer related to alligators than crocs) have the worst skin, and niloticus and porosus which appear very similar are a toss up.

  9. I love this post... thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! And it also reminds me of my dad when I was young.... back in the 80’s (and even early 90’s) he used to wear croc shoes that matched his belts. I remember seeing his shoes at the door and was so happy that he came home. I haven’t thought about that for a long time, and your post just reminded me of him. :heart::heart::heart:
  10. Just a reminder to stay on topic please, TY

    Brand = Hermes
    Product = wallet
    Question = worth it?
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  11. I too have contemplated H croc wallets. I was very tempted a few months ago when I saw the most stunning Constance croc wallet - It was prunoir with a blue H. It was truly spectacular, and my intention was to use it as a clutch as I often like to run errands just carrying my wallet. The wallet I looked at had some scratches and for that price I wanted it to be pristine. They brought a wallet in from another store and it had a water mark. They had not wallets of that colour combo that were still sealed and unopened in it's box.

    Unfortunately I declined the purchase although that was the most beautiful wallet I have seen. However I agree with many here, if you love something and feel you need it in your life, purchase and enjoy. I think I will get a croc wallet in the future but for that price it needs to be pristine. What happens when I get hold of it and start using it is another story...
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  12. I have a Bottega Veneta Croc wallet in Nero (black) and it has its place. This is my 3rd BV croc wallet over the years. I am able to put my phone in it which is a plus. However, my sister who only carries black bags and a full size wallet has taken notice of it and I may give it to her for her upcoming birthday. The BV wallet, as noted is quite a bit less expensive than the LV or Hermes. I personally would not spend that much on a croc wallet. I use my Calvi on a daily basis as I think it is one of the greatest little case ever made. The green wallet above is incredible and would make me smile every time I pulled it out to pay for something. I smile when I pull out my black croc BV wallet and that smile is worth a lot to me.
  13. Wasn’t OP showing Louis Vuitton green croc zip wallet? Not Hermès
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  14. Tanning processes may or may not have changed 50 years ago but that does not obviate the fact that the quality of the materials, the skill of the tanners and the final treatment of the skin are widely variably from vendor to vendor. My alligator/croc wallets are between 7 months--26 years old and the ALL require coddling, Hermes included. Some have fared better than others and matte has always held up better than lisse (shiny), regardless of brand.
  15. Very interesting and thank you for sharing your experience, I may reconsider and get a matte wallet in the future instead of a shiny one. Both are equally beautiful in different ways but it's also nice to have longevity especially with Hermes that are at such a premium.
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