Another "Should I keep" thread...

  1. I recently bought a Legacy Satchel in Whiskey and while I loved it the first couple of days I know think it's just too big for me and the fact that I have to always move the bulky clasp irritates me. I know selling it I will lose money but will it grow on me. I stopped using it and bought a couple other handbags instead that I have been using. Any thoughts????
  2. If you don't LOVE it, I wouldn't keep it. If you only wore it around the house, you can still return it.. otherwise maybe sell it? But if you are going to lose TOO much money, maybe you should wait and see, because it may grow on you! Did I even give you an answer? I think I just confused myself! lol
  3. How much are they going for on eBay? If it is less than 100 I would take the hit and sell it.

    Otherwise I would keep it and try taking it with you on vacation or an overnight trip, sometimes having a bigger bag for those times is really handy.

    I was worried about those clips. Thought they might be annoying, I am sorry to hear they are because they are cute.
  4. I think I could sell it between $350- $400... and it's perfect condition
  5. I have a satchel and what I do is instead of unfastening the big clasp, I just slide the zipper open and reach in for whatever I need. My stuff is organized inside into wristlets, wallet, etc., so I just pull whatever I need out easily. And the 2 front pockets work really well for cell phone, car key, etc. so you don't have to reach in.
  6. you know what? i used to want that bag with a passion. i think it's absolutely gorgeous. yesterday i saw it for the first time in person, macy's had it in black, brown, and whiskey. i didn't realize how easily it scratches. and then when i tried it on and took all the stuffing out (i'm sure the macy's SAs were mad at me, lol), i realized the top clasp was really bulky and annoying. and it would be a hassle everytime i had to open it to get my wallet and pay for something.

    yea, you can probably get my drift already. i don't think it's worth $698. it's gorgeous, but its bigger and bulkier than i imagined from the website. so i ended up going to the outlets an hour away from me and got a legacy straw tote, totally different type of bag, but it was on sale!

    personally, i wouldn't keep it. yea, i would probably lose quite a bit of money on it...but i'd rather get some money back for it, than have a $700 satchel sitting beautifully in my room and never use it.

    hope that was helpful. just my two cents. good luck!
  7. Thats the same price for a new Shoulderbag, so your going to lose $300. Thats a lot.
  8. If you aren't using it then even making some money on it is better than nothing. If you don't love it, don't keep it. It'll just keep sitting around losing value in the mean time. Sorry you don't like it so much now. Good luck!
  9. Can't you return it if you don't love it? I personally thought the bag was too unwieldy, or I would have gotten one.
  10. Yep, if you're not in love with it, return or sell it. There's no use having any of our bags just sitting around if they aren't getting used!
  11. It sounds like you aren't really in love with it, so I would return it or sell it. I have the legacy satchel in signature and I don't really have any problems with the clasp. I never buckle it or zip it actually, So whenever I need to get into it, I just flip the clasp over. The only time it's really annoying is if I have my hand full, with something, like If I'm holding my son and need to get out my wallet to pay for something...okay, I guess I'm not pleading my case for this bag very well...:crybaby:
  12. Can you return it still? It would suck to loose nearly $300 and you really should love the bag if you want to keep it :yes:
  13. If it's been worn, she will not be able to return it. Coach only allows return of new and unused merchandise.

    Coach Return Policy
  14. Don'tkeep it if you don't love it
  15. I also craved this bag as well, but when I saw it IRL, it was too heavy and inconvenient (buckles and all) for me. Gorgeous bag though. Unfortunately, if you can't return it but don't want to keep it, you might have to take a $$ hit. I'd hate doing it, but if it were me, I would probably sell it on eBay because I wouldn't want such a gorgeous $$ bag to be sitting in my closet unused. Let us know what you decide!