Another reason to put protectant on your bag!!!

  1. Ok, so I'm at Target today picking up cleaning supplies...just had to get a couple of things so I didn't bother with a cart. I'm holding my Truffle Twiggy in the crook of my right arm and I picked up a container of Swiffer Wet floor cleaner and tucked it under the arm that's holding my bag. I suddenly feel something wet all over my side. :wtf: The stupid container was leaking and before I could throw it down it had literally soaked one whole side of my bag and my shirt/jeans. I immediately ran for the paper towel section and ripped open a package and started trying to soak up as much of the fluid as I could before it set into the leather. Of course my bag was unzipped and the inside was soaked as well, along with the tassels. :hysteric: I'm in tears sitting on the floor trying to clean it up as much as I could and a very brave clerk comes over to see if I'm ok. All I managed to do was wail LOUDLY "Noooooo I'm not ok!!!! My bag is soaked and reeks of vinegar and chemicals and God knows whatever else is in that stuff!" This was her face: :shocked: But she was very sweet and asked me if I had treated the leather. I remembered then that I had used LMB pretreatment/stain protectant on it last Feb, so I was praying it still had enough protection on it. Thankfully, by the time I got to the checkout counter not even 10 minutes later the leather was dry AND no stain!! :sweatdrop: It does feel a little stiff but I think the LMB Ultimate moisturizer will fix that. The inside is still damp and I'm going to try and hand wash it and let it air dry. I guess the BBag Goddesses were looking after me today. :angel: And thank God for LMB! :love:
  2. Great news for you!!! Scary! Excuse my igonorance but what is LMB and where do you get it?
  3. Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! Scary incident, but so glad to hear nothing is damaged!
  4. OMG I would've freaked too! I'm glad the bag's still beautiful!!
  5. oh wow.... i would have been hysterical too. please let us know how it the LMB conditioner does for the stiffness!
  6. oii. do you mind me asking what is LMB and where can i get it? i am getting a bbag in a few days and after reading this realized i should treat mine too.
    sorry to hear about the leak on your bag but im so happy for you that it didn't do any major damage to your poor bbag.
  7. I know right now it might not seem funny at all (actually, I think my heart would still be beating 100x too fast still) but that poor saleslady, that emoticon's stunned bulgy eyes are perfect. I would imagine that to be everyone else's response to the bal moment of crisis.

    I am glad that your bag survived. It's made me rethink my whole don't pretreat mentality. Your little accident is a wakeup call!
  8. WOW, I would have had a complete meltdown! :sweatdrop:
    I'm glad it worked out!
  9. Thanks for everyone's comments....only a fellow bag girl can relate to a crisis like that! :crybaby:

    inky and AestHetiC: LMB products can be found here:
    I know others have had great luck with Appleguard products as well so either would be fine.

    amiekbs8: LOL!!! Yes, the look on the clerk's face was priceless. I was shocked that it even occurred to her to ask me whether or not I had treated the leather. The second she asked me I calmed WAY down. :sweatdrop:
  10. I'm sorry this happened!!! And I'm glad to hear your b-bag's doing ok!!!
  11. *phew* i'm so glad your bag is ok. that is one traumatic experience - for both you and your bag. i've been holding off on ordering LMB protectors, but after your post, I think it's time to stop procastinating!
  12. OMG!!!! i'm glad everything turned out ok!! i freaked out one time when i spilled ice tea w/milk on my bbag not protected at all....luckily everything washed out with water but swiffer wet floor cleaner would have gotten the same reaction from me :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:thank god your bag was protected!!
  13. OMG, that made my heart race just reading about it!!! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    I am so glad it turned out ok!!! :heart:
  14. wHoo hOoo, thank g:huh:dness there wasn't stain.... I just spoke w/ Barbara yesterday in regards to treating a new bag... and she had highly recommended.. the pro-treatment. :tup:
  15. Thanks heaven the bag is indeed okay :shocked::sweatdrop:, I almost get a heart attack when read your story. Now, it does remind me that I should protect my babies too. Thank you for the story girlie.