Andrew Marc!

  1. OK! I think I found *MY BAG*...



    So what do you think?

    **Also, it's available at NM, and BG anyone have good codes for them? ​
  2. I saw this bag at NM in ivory, very soft leather!
  3. I like the looks of that; How big is it & how much?
  4. YEAH!! Thanks Titania! That is sooo good to know. That was one of my main *requests* and was just hoping since I am not able to see it IRL before I purchase it.
    Anything else that you remember about it?
    Negative info is ok too, since I am probably getting this *sight unseen*.
  5. Looks great!
  6. Hi Rose,

    I think it's called the Collette.
    It is apparently 9"H x 20"W x 9"D.
    But I seem to be getting varying measurements. Those measurements are from NM ($495), BG ($595). Bloomies is 17"W x 12"H x 9"D and $495. TheBagShop is 15 in. x 8.5 in. x 6.5 in and $489. Ah ha I think I'm on to something....
    I found it at LunaBoston with the same size as TheBagShop. It is called the Lola and they have it only in dark brown for $395.
    I am not totally sure about this, but it's the only sense I can make of it right now.
  7. Thanks passerby. It's nice to hear that because it's not a "trendy" brand etc.
  8. Wow, there's some big differences in size! (the prices aren't bad, though) I like the smaller bags, since I don't carry too much around, so I'll check out the last two.
    The pic makes it look just the right size for me, but untill you see it on a model, you really can't tell what it'll look like IRL.

    Thanks for all the info!
  9. Love it!
  10. You are welcome. Excited that you like it.
    So true about the model thing! Please let me know if you get it and what it's like and I'll do the same. I hope to order it soon... hoping to find a coupon or discount code, or something:smile:- I'll let you know if I do.
    I don't carry much around either and actually ( I know this is strange...) this is replacing my LV Pochette LOL. But, on the other hand, I just became a mom and need to carry more and want a more *mature* LOL handbag.
    It seems like a good medium size bag.

    Hope to hear you got it!!!:yahoo:
  11. Hey, Thanks, I need the encouragement!:smile: LOL
  12. I really like it! :biggrin:
  13. Quietly stylish - good choice!
  14. I think I thought that tassle was a little long, but other than that, I really liked the bag. I couldn't stop touching that leather, the SAs must have thought I was crazy :p
  15. Very nice!