and another one bites the dust

  1. so i spoke to daphne at balny yesterday (after calling all bbag sellers in the US), who told me that there was ONE bordeaux (daphne called it bordeaux but i believe it's grenat???) box in stock... some of you may remember I was agonizing about finding a box in just that color! so i went in today, and somehow got suckered into getting a city instead... meet my FIRST BBAG! i'm SO EXCITED! but i have to hide her from boyfriend for a while, i was supposed to wait until my bday but march is so far away....


    (daphne's put me on the list for the sandstone twiggy when they come in.... oh dear i'm in trouble now)

    thanks to everyone at PF for aall your help and advice! i wouldn't have had the courage to buy her without you guys :p
  2. mmmmmmmmmm it's gorgeous congrats you'd love love love her! And may the addiction begin...........
  3. That is a really gorgeous purse! Congrats!
  4. gorgeous!:love:
  5. wow, that really is absolutely stunning bag. I love how rich the color is!
  6. So gorgeous. I love it!:heart:
    Wear it in good health!
  7. Well done! She's a beauty. Not only have you joing the Bbag club, but you've also joined the "hiding from the partner" club!
  8. WOW! What a color. Is that bordeaux or Grenat?
  9. You did good, that bag is gorgeous!! :love: Daphne picks out great bags and isn't afraid to say if she only has one of a certain color and that it isn't that great. If you tell her what you like and want, she won't try to sell you a bag just to sell it. Enjoy, this won't be your last Balnciaga, they are habit forming. :graucho:
  10. one word... gorgeous!
  11. Congratulations! I have a Grenat city too. You're going to find that color goes with everything! :yes:
  12. Wow, that is beautiful. I think that color is so pretty. And the city is my favorite style!
  13. That is simply delectable! What a perfect first b-bag- congrats, it's a real stunner:yahoo: !
  14. congrats!
  15. Congrats!!! She's GORGEOUS!!!!