Americas Next Top Model Season 9, NYC **NEWS**

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  1. 'America's Next Top Model' ninth season tryouts hit New York City

    [​IMG]UPI News Service, 03/25/2007

    More than 8,000 young women auditioned for season 9 of "America's Next Top Model" in New York City.

    [​IMG]The girls started arriving in the Big Apple on Friday and camped out overnight to get a chance to be on the CW network's hit reality show, the New York Daily News reported.
    "I've been primping since 3 a.m.," said Pearl, 19, a hairdresser who drove from Wilmington, Del., during the night. "I haven't gone to bed yet."
    "There are girls who get on their hands and knees and cry, cry, cry," said casting director Michelle Mock-Falcon. "Some girls say they have 'it,' but they don't know what 'it' is."
    The show, which is hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks, only accepts potential models that are at least 5' 7" tall.
    "Some will say, 'So what if I've got curves. So what if I'm 5-foot-6,'" Mock-Falcon said. "(But) you need to be at least 5' 7."
    Once inside the hotel, the 18 to 27-year-old candidates took part in group interviews, gave their measurements and explained why they should be the next top model.
  2. So you can be 27 and still start your career as a kiss ass to Tyra?
  3. Yah ! Who new that these type of opportunities are still available. :nuts:
  4. Lol!:roflmfao::heart: it!
  5. Love ANTM! Although I think the cycle 8 girls were not the best. I think they got rid of some people too early.
  6. I remember whe ANTM first came about, I thought it was so silly because of the challenges she had some of the girls do :hrmm: but now I really like it, it's great entertainment :tup:
  7. Tyra gets really silly during the show...but she seems sincere nonetheless
  8. I wish Tyra would get a new stylist. I can't wait for the next season.
  9. I'm addicted to that show! I can't wait til the next season to begin!! :yahoo:
  10. I just saw Jasline's cover on Seventeen.
  11. AHHHHHH!!!

    More shameless addicting television for me LOL!
  12. I totally do not agree with you .... she has a very exotic look and on top shes a Latina (shes very very skinny though - she need to eat more tamales) but again what model isnt? .... also I think people are used to the same look on a model, blond, blue/green eyes, light skin, etc.
  13. They have a blip in US Weekly this week saying Jaslene left a party with the guy from Entourage, Jeremy Pivens. I wonder if she is having a ball now. I loved her on the show.