Amanda Bynes Thread

  1. :yes: Like I said, we're witnessing self destruction right now. . . it's sad.
  2. seriously!
  3. Yikes, she is not looking good in the last two picture sets... whatever happened to her healthy figure?
  4. She is unrecognizable.
  5. Wow what happened to her!?!
  6. This!!
  7. Woah....what happened? She used to be such a clean-cut girl. What is she doing? Isn't she a little old to be rebelling?
  8. Is she just seeking attention? I mean, who really checks for Amanda Bynes on the regular?
  9. Source: JustJared
    a11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg
  10. Source: Zimbio
    a11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg a14.jpg
  11. This bish is dressin' like Blanket Jackson.
  12. Let's hope she didn't drive with the scarf covering her head... :whistle:
  13. She is handicapped now?
  14. That was what I was wondering?:smile: