Amanda Bynes Thread

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  1. TMZ has learned that actress Amanda Bynes was one of the drivers involved in a multiple car collision in Beverly Hills last night.
    Police quickly responded to the scene, but no major injuries were reported. The crash brought rush hour traffic to a grinding halt on one of the busiest streets in Beverly Hills.

    Witnesses claim Bynes kept her composure after the crash and calmly called for help on her cell. Shortly after, the actress was spotted removing items from her 2005 BMW X5 while she waited for a tow truck to arrive.

    No police report was filed. Law enforcement sources tell us the officers only helped facilitate the exchange of information between Bynes and the other driver.

    TMZ contacted a rep for Bynes who had no comment.
  2. good to know there were no major injuries
  3. Ouch. Well I'm glad everyone's ok. :smile:
  4. Wow. Good thing it was only the car that got damaged.
  5. good it wasn't anything that big. I am glad everyone is fine.
  6. Thank god everyone is fine =)
  7. I am glad everyone is her!
  8. hope she's fine.. :tender:
  9. I'm glad she and everyone else involved is fine!
  10. She's a cutie patotie, glad everyone is ok.
  11. [​IMG]


    Who loves Amanda Bynes?!!
    I do! I remember her a the funny, cute little girl from Nickolodeon. But look at her now all grown up and still looking beautiful:yes:
  12. I remember when she was on All That!

    Then she got her own show.

    I loved her in What A Girl Wants and on the show What I Like About You.
  13. I really like her! Especially because she hasn't turned into a skank yet!
  14. I have always liked her. She seems so down to Earth. Hope that doesn't change for her.
  15. I love her!!! she's pretty much the only teens celebs I like as long as she reminds classy...

    she's so goofy..